Make a character with the Phantasy Star Online 2 Character Creator Demo!

Posted on April 5, 2012 - 12:18pm by Malicelast


Sega  released the much anticipated Character Creator and Benchmark that everyone can play around with to their hearts desire.

Earlier this morning, after a few delays and hiccups, Sega released the official Phantasy Star Online 2 Character Creator and Benchmark the their japanese blog.  Needless to say I was waiting for this thing to come out so I could get my PSO fix, it reminded me of when the Phantasy Star Universe Character creator got leeked 6 years ago.....

One thing I'll warn you, all the text is in japanese, but don't worry, installing the program is easy, and using the character creator is a snap since all all the options are either slider bars or image previews. The Character Creator gives you full access to all the classic PSO races (Human, Newman, Cast) and jobs (Hunter, Ranger, Force) just choose what race/gender you want, choose from one of the presets and start creating!

After playing around with it for a few..... hours I'm pretty impressed with the amount of options you have to tweek your character, you can pretty much tweek every part of the body, hright and weight, lots of facial options, and HATS! I've seen some pretty awesome character and some pretty crazy screwball ones.  Theres not alot of options for clothes, Humans and Newmans share 6 different sets of clothes and only get 12 different colors for their clothes while Casts have only 3 different body types, but have a color wheel to change the color of several parts.

You can download the Creator from the PSO2 blog at and clicking the blue button when you scroll down.

Well what are you waiting for?  Start Creating !

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