Make TF2 Items, Get Money

Posted on January 16, 2013 - 6:00pm by Darkseid2



For those wondering about the top 20 games you must play project, an update will be up Saturday. Until then, enjoy the discovery that people who make virtual hats are making more money than most of you ever will.

In an interesting study, item makers for Valve's ever popular, free-to-play virtual hat simulator Team Fortress 2 make only 25% of the profits for their work. That said, this is still a shit load of cash. In fact, the top ten earners among this group make up into the six figures, no sum to sneeze at in any way. A lot of these guys come from the modding world, which helped make this virtual hat simulator possible in the first place, which helps.

The one little problem is that these guys can't keep up with community content and said community also have the issue of TF2 not having a direct and easy way for their content to be seen and used for feedback and proper reward. So if you want to become rich via not real head toppers, you're not going to find much luck.

What I gather from all of this is that Gaben gives people money for making virtual hats because he is a cool dude and smokes weed.


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