The Man behind the Godzilla fighting games turns to Kickstarter

Posted on July 6, 2012 - 6:00pm by CyberFox

Simon Strange, the man whom brought you "Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee", "Godzilla: Save The Earth" and "Godzilla Unleashed" has recently started a new company called Sunstone Games and currently is starting a Kickstarter for a game his company's working on called "Kaiju Combat" a online fighter involving Giant Monsters

Everyone who contributes $5 or more will receive a login for the community design forums, where daily discussions will directly influence Kaiju Combat's feature set. Other rewards range from a free copy to a cameo in the game with your likeness and voice included to submitting your own monster for the game

Plus the icing on the cake is for what his company would do with the excess donations which are as follows

  • +$100,000 ($450,000 total) - They will have enough money to acquire the Toho license, and our first release contains 30 film-perfect monsters.
  • +$75,000 ($525,000 total) - They will shoot a cinematic intro featuring live-action characters, and Hollywood CGI.
  • +$225,000 ($750,000 total) - Console release! They will ship simultaneously on PS3, Xbox360, and PC.
  • +$150,000 ($900,000 total) - Kaiju Cinema mode! In addition to just playing the game, we give you all the in-game tools you need to shoot and share Kaiju videos for all your fandom needs. Control the camera, NPCs, pause and adjust time, and save individual video clips.
  • +$100,000 ($1,000,000 total) - Custom single-player editor! Create and share your own single-player story, including uploads of cut-scene images and videos. Recreate classic stories, make a bizarre amalgamation, or just challenge your friends with the hardest scenarios you can imagine!

So don't be dumb, donate and help make the game happen!

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