Man creates life-size Samus Aran papercraft

Posted on April 24, 2012 - 10:00am by Sean Hinz

IAmThatOneGuy enjoys making papercraft, but what compelled him to create a near 7 foot tall Metroid Prime 2 Samus even eludes him. Maybe it was because he recently obtained the models from the game or it could be because he wanted to appeal to that that one crazy fan that would pay anything for it. Either way here it is, but sans the fan.

This was up for auction on ebay, but only managed to find a buyer at $10.50 Canadian (good thing it had a reserve price!). Maybe IAmThatOneGuy will get lucky when/if this post leads someone from ScrewAttack to find him and give him all of their monies. Or at least it nets him a few more comments on his flickr set. I think he should have put this on Etsy, but whatever... I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Oh, and thanks Sam!

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