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Editor's Note: Need to learn more about Mario Party 6 before tonight's epic After Dark showdown?  Don't worry. g1 Sierrafoxtrot has you covered!

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Mario Party 6, the third Mario Party on the GameCube, is honestly one of my favourites and a vast improvement over 5. The mini-games are better and easier to understand, the capsule system is fixed to the point where it’s enjoyable, and the boards are innovative instead of just “advance spaces to collect star.”  As always, we’re going to go over a couple of things in this blog:

  1. New Features In Mario Party 6
  2. Recommended Boards to Play On
  3. Orbs and What They Do
  4. Favourite Mini-Games
  5. Overall Thoughts

Okay, I’m not good at transitions so let’s just get going.

New Features In Mario Party 6

As you can imagine, there are some new features in Mario Party 6  that weren’t in previous Mario Party games. OR ARE THEY?!

The big feature in Mario Party 6 is the day/night mechanic. This is the exact same thing from Mario Party 2’s Horror Land board. The only difference is instead of the effects of day/night on one board, it’s on all of them.

Now, one would think that recycling something from an earlier Mario Party game would be stupid but it’s actually pretty smart. All of the boards have something interesting happening during both time cycles. Different paths will open up, mini-games are affected, and the contrast between day and night is noticeable every time.

Capsules return from Mario Party 5 but are now called Orbs. We’ll get to Orbs a little later on but trust me; the capsule system is improved for the better. It’s less confusing and easier to use.

One of the big features of Mario Party 6 is the microphone. Now, the microphone only comes into play during 1 vs. 3 mini-games but it is something that is fun and interesting to use... for about 5 minutes. While using a microphone sounds like a blast initially, you quickly find out that your friends can completely screw you over in these Mic Mini-games. Any of the opposing players can shout a command to screw up the player using the microphone. You also have to be clear and articulate when using it otherwise it won’t register your commands. For those two reasons; I don’t recommend you use it.

To shake up the end game a little, the Coin Star is taken out in favour of the Orb Star. Collecting coins is still important but using Orbs as often as you can is more important as it will get you a Star after the game is done.

 One thing to quickly mention before we move on is that a Bowser Revolution can only happen if it is picked on the roulette wheel during the Last Five Turns Event.

Now that we’ve explained what’s new, what boards should you play on?


Recommended Boards to Play On

Faire Square is the best of the boards that’s immediately available. The main feature of this board is the center area. During the day, Stars cost 20 coins as per usual. But at night, the price of a Star changes depending on a dice roll. See, the night time host Twila will hit a block and whatever number she rolls is how much a Star costs. This changes the game immensely. Sometimes, Stars will cost as little as 10 coins meaning that if a player is dirt poor, they can easily buy a Star. Other times, the price of a Star will skyrocket costing 40 coins (the highest that Twila can roll). Night time can either help or hinder your chances of grabbing the lead. The other interesting feature of this board is how many Stars you can buy. Normally, when you reach a Star space, you only get one. But in Faire Square, you can buy up to 5 Stars, assuming that you have the coins. You can get crazy games on Faire Square and I even remember playing a game where every player had at least 10 stars. The other reason why I recommend Faire Square is for the ? spaces. Crazy things happen when you land on these spaces and none of them are good for you unless you have a good amount of luck. Sometimes, you’ll gamble your coins and other times, you’ll gamble your Stars. Games on Faire Square always end up being absolutely nuts.

Clockwork Castle is another board I recommend playing on but it will cost you 100 Stars to unlock it. If you have the time, collect that amount because it’s well worth it. This board puts a twist on the classic Mario Party formula of getting to a Star space first. On this board, you chase D.K. to get a Star. You can use various Warp Pipes scattered throughout the board to catch up to him. The unique thing about this board is that after all four players have rolled; D.K. himself will roll a dice block either making him further away from you or closer to you depending on where you are. Sometimes it’s in your best interest to roll low so that D.K. can catch up to you on his roll where, if you have 20 coins, he’ll automatically give you a Star. The real fun begins at night time though as D.K. turns into Bowser who the players have to run away from. Again, you can use Warp Pipes to escape from Bowser because if he catches you, you’ll lose a Star. You want to roll high (unless you’re right behind Bowser) because Bowser will always roll two Dice Blocks (he very rarely rolls only one). You need to use Warp Pipes and dice rolls effectively if you hope to win on this board.


Alright, now it’s time to explain what Orbs do and why they are superior to capsules.

Orbs and What They Do

Like Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6 has items which can be thrown on spaces as well as used on players. The difference is that while Mario Party 5’s capsule system was confusing and broken, Mario Party 6 uses a much better system that’s easy to understand and use. The best part is that I don’t have to detail nearly every Orb: I merely have to explain what different coloured Orbs do.

The first thing that should be noted is that if you land a space where you put an Orb down, you receive 5 coins. This means that if you put an Orb down that effects coin count or Orb count and you land on it, you will just receive coins.

When a player gets a Green Orb, it means that they have to use it on themselves. You cannot throw a Green Orb on a space (unlike in Mario Party 5). The reason why you can’t throw a Green Orbs is because it effects your movement.

Red Orbs will effect an opponent’s movement. When a Red Orb is placed on a space, any opponent will trigger the effect of that orb when they pass or land on it. Once an opponent triggers the effect of the orb, it disappears.

Yellow Orbs will either affect an opponent’s coin count or Orb count. For the effects of the Orb to trigger, the opponent must land on the space: if they pass it, nothing happens.

Blue Orbs cannot be used unless an event happens. For example, if you have a Boo Away Orb and an opponent tries to steal coins or a Star with Boo, this Orb will automatically be used. If you want, you can throw Blue Orbs away.


Mini-games, every Mario Party has new ones. It’s time to find out which are my favourites. There are a lot of them, so be warned if this section goes on for long.

Favourite Mini-Games

There are so many good mini-games in Mario Party 6 and it’s my personal belief that 6 has one of the strongest mini-game selections period. Yes, a bold statement considering how much love the originals get but let’s move on.

Granite Getaway’s premise is simple: there’s a giant boulder chasing you, run away. Very reminiscent of Indiana Jones, this mini-game couldn’t be simpler. There are ways to screw over the other players: you can force them into rocks which will slow them down or you can force them off of a bridge so that they’re out of the game completely. All in all, it’s a really fun, simple mini-game.

Circuit Maximus involves all four players running through a maze populated by Amps that they must avoid. If a player touches an Amp, they will be temporarily stunned before they will be able to continue. As players advance further in the maze, the more Amps there are making it harder to navigate. The first player to do a full lap, wins.

Daft Rafts is very similar to Platform Peril. Players are placed on floating logs and they must traverse the various platforms until they reach the end. As they progress, there will be obstacles in their way which the players must avoid. The first one to the stable platform at the end wins.

Tricky Tires is a race to the finish with multiple obstacles blocking the path. What makes this game so fun is how it controls. Instead of just using the control stick to move their vehicle, players must use both the control stick and the C stick to move the left and right tires respectively. Things can get tricky (see what I did there?) when someone doesn’t know how to operate their vehicle.

Lift Leapers finds out who is the best platformer. Players must ascend through 4 different levels to reach the end first. That’s it.

Snow Brawl is a 1 vs. 3 mini-game. The objective is to eliminate all the opposing players. You may think this is one-sided but think again. The one player will have help from either Ukiki’s or Shy Guys depending on the time of day. If you’re on a team, try and take out the one player as the game will immediately end when he/she is eliminated. The solo player will have to do most of the work but they can still win.

Conveyor Bolt is a really interesting mini-game. This is another one that changes depending on the time of day. If it’s daytime, the one player will try to eliminate the others while a conveyor belt is in operation. If it’s night time, the three players try to eliminate the one player.

Pixel Perfect is a 2 vs. 2 mini-game where the two teams try to match the tiles on the floor to the image at the top. The first team to match two pictures wins. Communication is key here as if you slip up, you’ve basically guaranteed a victory for your opponents.

In Jump the Gun, one person must hop along a path created by his/her teammate who is operating a Bullet Bill machine. If you’re the one the player operating the machine, try to make things easy for your partner. If you’re the player hopping on the Bullet Bills, try not to miss.

Clean Team is another 2 vs. 2 mini-game that requires strategy. The objective is to completely clean an apartment building that’s plagued by dirty windows. One player sprays and the other player wipes. Again, strategy is important here as you don’t want to be running into each other or blocking each other’s paths. The first team to clean all of their windows are the winners.

Insectiride is a Battle mini-game that is reminiscent of Day at the Races from Mario Party 2. Each player operates their own vehicle that resembles an insect. There are different command prompts for each insect and you must be fast if you want to beat your opponents. First to the finish line wins.

Wrasslin’ Rapids is another really fun Battle mini-game. Players start out on a raft and try to punch each other off. As more time goes by, the more dangerous the ride becomes. Nuts will fall from trees that can stun players. A train that’s carrying Shy Guys with cannons will open fire on players. The last player(s) standing wins.


Finally, let’s wrap this up by giving my thoughts on Mario Party 6 .

Overall Thoughts

Mario Party 6 is personally one of my favourite Mario Party games and I think that it's way better than some people say it is. Is it as good as the first two? No, but it is way better than the ones that came after it. If you ask me, this is the last good Mario Party game before they all became okay. I had a blast with my friends and siblings playing this game mostly because the mini-games were so good and the boards had variety. Sure, there’s only a single board that doesn’t have a gimmick but all of the boards have a certain charm about them that I love. Overall, I think that this game is better than 5 and it comes close to being as good as 4.

Knowledge is power and now that you’ve studied up, you can enjoy Mario Party 6 to its fullest. Really give it a chance: it’s a very good game and a worthy edition to the Mario Party series. Until next time everyone.

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