Marvel vs Capcom Origins. Screw Re-releases.

Posted on July 12, 2012 - 3:30pm by Dark Magician


I bounce right off the handle and speak frankly. Read at your discretion. I might be a little too real for most people.

The message is simple, fuck re-releases. Expect Metal Gear Solid, get which ever title on every console conceivable. Yes even Peace Walker on the PSP. It is 5-AM here in Canada, so obviously I have a lot on my mind and I have a strong urge to say what I think. In this case, type what I think. And what guy rants on a blog with nicely constructed paragraphs and sentences? It would be more common place to get drunk and drunk dial the old ex. I would drunk call an old ex, but I don’t care about a female that much to actually do so or drink for that matter.

I just feel like piping up, like that drunk at the bar that likes to think he knows everything who always crashes a conversation. For me, its fun to play that part. The subject being, Re-releases, fuck em. What prompts me to say this? Capcom. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. Re-releasing Marvel vs Capcom and Marvel Super Heroes for current gen consoles.

The only good thing to take from this, a younger generation will be introduced to something us old school gamers had in our day. But what dead consoles were they released for? The Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, and the Playstation. And if you kids are lazy and don’t check out Wikipedia. I’ll tell you the PSX ports of these games suck. Sega, now there is no limits. Sega does go on to make the Sixth Gen Consoles a sad one by letting the Dreamcast die so young, which is why I was a PC Gamer through much of that period.

I always feel its best to play these games the way you remember them in their day. Be it the PSX, Saturn, or Dreamcast. And for many of us old school gamer, we get a jolt of awesome hit us when we hear they are getting re-released. Not because we get to buy them again. A few will have those old school consoles and their copy of Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom. And we kept our copies and our dead consoles through the years. Kinda like a sports fan who stayed faithful to his team through the darkest times and rejoices when they win the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl or the World Series or whatever trophy European Soccer has. We feel rewarded we kept faithful and perserved for love for the games and consoles.

I know I was like, “FUCK YEAH! I HAVE MY MARVEL VS. CAPCOM COPY FOR THE DREAMCAST!” Not really, just a quiet victory. Just makes me feel like a much more legit gamer. Because, some of us are just playing the games because its the biggest trend. And once it gets old, they will move on. Not me, man. Not me. Gamer for life.

What’s wrong with the Dreamcast or Saturn version of Marvel vs. Capcom? Oh... you don’t own a Dreamcast? You don’t want to get a Dreamcast because it costs money? You don’t care about the games on the Dreamcast or the Saturn? Those consoles suck? The graphics suck? Emulators are better?

Here is what I say to that. Fuck emulators. The Dreamcast and Saturn are the best things from the 90’s. They to me, represent a what a gamer is about. Sure, some posers will have played the NES and Super Nintendo in their day and came back when the Xbox 360 and Call of Duty became popular. But the Sega Genesis, the Neo Geo Aes, the Turbografx-16, the Atari Jaguar, and the Saturn and Dreamcast are a place you go to earn your gamerhood. Yes, even the fucking Phillips CDI. I have one, don’t you?

That's right, That is my Phillips CDI. Magnavox variation.

It is the simple idea, you want to be more of a gamer so you go for the consoles and games that are far out of the public eye and the lesser known. Yes, we were lost and we are looking for something different, exciting, and fun. Video games was something we found exciting, but we wanted more. So it took us to strange places and often times we didn’t like what we found. However, with time, we learned to like them. Without us, a lot of things might have never taken off and the world would be a totally different place. But it was a time when we got what we wanted a lot more often.

A gamer should be well-versed in all the history, games, genres and consoles should he not? You can hate a genre or console or game, but still have an a good understanding of them. Its knowledge with a firm opinion on subjects. You have the internet, there is no excuse anymore! That’s what I am trying to say here.

But good on Capcom for re-releasing these games for the younger generation. But who is gonna buy them? Us old school gamers who remember them, have a steady income, and spend a lot of time on gamer websites. Maybe a few curious kids will be lucky to pick them up and truly appreciate what it was like back then and how it still kicks ass today.

Capcom calls those two games the origins of the Marvel vs series. No it was X-men vs. Street Fighter that started it all. And it just being a merger of the Street Fighter Alpha series, Children of the Atom, and Marvel Super Heroes. But of course, this is all you get because of legal bullshit. But for some of us with those games and Saturn and Dreamcast, we can enjoy the real origins.

Sadly, I don’t own Children of the Atom, or Marvel Super Heroes, or Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. I will get them sooner rather than later. The point is, I have Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast and X-men vs. Street Fighter on the Saturn. I understand this was rant-orientated with a lot of conflicting ideas and subjects, but it comes together--somehow. And only a small few will be like, “Hell yeah! Dark Magician! Boy, you said it!”

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