Mass Effect 3 cosplay armor - day 2

Posted on March 21, 2012 - 12:52pm by Loverly_Liz


Loverly Liz and her dashing boyfriend, Jacob, decide to create Shepard and FemShep's N7 Mass Effect 3 armor... Watch and read about their artistic struggle!

Hello, my lovely g1's! I hope  all is well. :-)

Today I wanted to give a quick update on the Mass Effect 3 armor Jacob and I have been working on.  Basically, we had to go back to the drawing board.  Our previous blue-prints were not in scale and our abdomen piece is useless. It may seem like we took a step back, but things are coming together.

Jacob created his own blueprints on the computer and started from scratch. It's all original and inspired by in-game shots of Shepard.

We were only able to print and cut most of the chest piece and our updated abdomen...

Jacob invested his money in a hot knife which has made cutting the foam matting considerably easier to deal with. It's only difficult to cut through the thick foam we are using. The thick foam requires sanding because the cuts aren't as clean.


After cutting all these pieces out, we used the dremmel tool to add detail to the pieces and create the dents and creases for flexibility and to stay true to the armor's original design.


Otherwise we accomplished much!

The production took a short stop because we needed to create brand new blueprints. Jacob is becoming more accustomed to using the (scary) tools while I'm providing him assistance. I'm a little too chicken to use the hot knife. just yet...

Meanwhile, we're going to continue the blueprints, cut more, and add detail to the costume as we go along. We aren't at a point of seal coating /painting yet, but we  plan to once everything is cut.

Below is our video blog chronicling day 2's progress if you want to see us in action and explain what's going on in more depth.

Thanks for reading you guys! We appreciate your support and all of your views. :-) It's especially encouraging considering the fact that the convention is only 5 weeks away!

Have a wonderful spring day, and let us know what you think!

With much SA <3,

Loverly Liz and Jacob

(PS: If anyone can think of a cool name for Jacob, list it below. He refuses to be called Jakers on the internet... I need your ideas.)

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