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Posted on February 19, 2012 - 6:19am by DarkPenguin


This is my first blog. I don't feel the need to throw together pictures at the moment but here are my thoughts as, and directly after, playing the Mass Effect 3 demo last Tuesday.

I just finished with the demo and I don't know how I feel about it. The game looks gorgeous yet the characters look a little cartoony this time around. It also plays so much like a shooter now that it feels like I'm playing a looser Gears or COD. The skill tree's are cool but seem rather useless in the  sense the game plays exactly like a shooter and is purely based on the players skill. I can't explain how annoyed I am by the fact that I'll be seeing grenade icons all over the damn place. It didn't feel like I was playing Mass Effect 2. Than again MS2 didn't feel like the first game either.

Of course all I got from the demo was a fantastic action oriented opening and another action packed level. Hopefully I'll still get to spend time with the crew and explore new worlds.

And seriously? You're going to give FemShep a bad ass haircut and not let me use it on my custom character? All I really want to do is change the hair color. They're probably gonna make me have to purchase it down the line...Really EA?

I have yet to try multiplayer. I'm more of a single player kind of guy anyways. But I do plan on checking it out soon. I could of written a lot more on the Demo but I will reserve those thoughts until I've played the final product. I have very mixed feelings about it so far.


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