McGunn's: Top Ten Ways to Innovate on "New Super Mario Brothers"

Posted on November 19, 2012 - 2:30pm by Mcgunn


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Hi G1's,

Progress on the ScrewAttack Game is coming along, for those wondering. SO, without further adou:


McGunn here to tell you what are, in my opinion:

The Top Ten ways to innovate New Super Mario Bros.


10. The Title:

There are now more “New Super Mario Bros.” titles, than there are “Super Mario Bros.” titles. The “New” needs to represent this group of games that share the same art style and gameplay style. Nintendo needs to bring some love back to the series and start again from scratch and either give the game its own new subtitle, like they did with “Super Mario World” or just go right to “Super Mario Bros.4”. This would help solidify the fact that the new title would be its own new experience.

9. Lose the Flag Pole:

The flag pole was a great nostalgia trip when it was re-implemented in “New Super Mario Bros.” for the DS, but it’s really lost its power being re-used in all of the NSMB titles. SMB3 had the box with the symbols where there was skill involved in trying to get the same symbol three times in a row. SMW had the white bar moving up and down which was tons of fun. The next installment really needs to put something fun and original to end the level that makes you feel like you’ve triumphed.


8. Basic physics:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the movement engine for Mario should be altered from its roots, but there is so much room for improvement with recent innovations in the industry. Being able to interact with some objects with realistic physical consequences would be so much fun. For example a tower of boxes that reacts differently depending on where you throw a turtle shell at it. Also the game could include gravity. Imagine the idea of “Mario Galaxy” being implemented in 2D. Some levels could have multiple planets with their own gravitation pulls, and you could run around them for an added variety in gameplay.

7. Twist the plot:

I’m not saying that Mario needs a huge epic story, but the 8 worlds with koopa kids and the basic final Bowser boss is beginning to become a drag. The game could take all kinds of routes to get to the final boss, and hey, why not make the Bowser milestone seem like the ending and then throw a curveball at the player and give them another greater threat?


6. Unique Worlds:

Normal, Water, Desert, Snow……yawn. It was classic when it was original, but why not make some insane new worlds? I want space world, robot world, haunted world, sewer world. The use of a single large World Map in NSMBU is a step in the right direction when it comes to maps, but the creativity in secret paths was a little deeper in Super Mario World, which is a little disappointing to see considering the time-difference.


5. Varied Characters:

Super Mario Bros. 2 was vastly inferior to the other games, but one thing that it got right were having four different characters with different abilities. All four characters should play slightly different, Luigi handles more loosely, but has a slightly higher jump. This would require that a new character is in the game to take the place of the cheap second Toad; Perhaps Wario?



4. Let me keep Yoshi:

Seriously, let me keep Yoshi.

3. Make the secrets have a little balls:

I’m tired of this hidden wall treasure B.S. Secrets in Mario used to have balls, and you would need balls of steel in order to find them. Bring back the secrets that were so clever that they almost seemed like glitches; Flying under the finish line, secret keys in the sky, flutes from crouching on a specific block. Balls.


2. Magnetism:

There could be magnets that attract and repel certain materials. Metal Mario could make a return to interact with magnets, and a new powerup could even be implemented that gives Mario magnet powers. This could make for incredible puzzles, and super creative levels that implement magnetism in ways we could barely imagine. Magnet powers could also attract coins, which would be an added bonus. Speaking of Metal Mario……the powerup might also be an interesting addition to water levels, traversing them as if they were normal levels.

1. Level Customization:

When I first heard that NSMBU had a U at the end of the title, my eyes lit up with excitement. I imagined incredible level-creation tools using the Game Pad, and millions of creative levels to play, all made by the fans. Even entire Worlds with their own stories and cutscenes might be made! But alas, no creation tools were implemented. You might say that this would be ripping off Little Big Planet, but come on, level editing is ALWAYS a great feature in any game, and to build your own obstacles for Mario to triumph over would feel oh so good. Imagine the capabilities with the WiiU’s online social aspects, being able to rate levels, or try the very best of the best that the world has to offer for you. Nintendo could even have competitions to make the best levels for prizes, it would get the fans involved like they were back in the old Nintendo Power days. This would make for the ultimate platforming game and would put Mario Bros. back on top!



Thanks for reading.

- McGunn

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