Me, My Dad, & Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Posted on December 12, 2011 - 9:13pm by Kenshiro3


I Thought I talk about my dad and my most treasured memory of him. Its thanks to him and his support that I am that gamer I am today. Without his loving support and playing along side me, on my our 2600, 7800, NES, SNES, Genesis, and Playstation growing up, i never would have developed the vast and deep love for video games and gaming that i have today. He is also the one i have to thank for introducing me to and getting me completely hooked on the Castlevania series. This is my most Treasured Memory of my Dad. It involves Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Years ago my dad got Castlevania SotN for our new Playstation when it came out. He got it for himself. But the funny thing is, I beat it before he ever did. While I had always liked the series, I wasnt a total nut about it. My dad was the Castlevania nut ever since he first played Simon's Quest on the old NES. Well SotN was the game that got me totally hooked on the series. I'd been playing Castlevania since SQ myself, but never really got hooked because i missed the nonlinearity of SQ in the other games. Plus, Damn were they hard!

Well My dad bought SotN for himself. But, I ended up playing it as much if not more than he did. It got to the point where it was a race between the two of us to see who could beat it first. Well that day finally came and I was the victor.

I pulled an All Day Marathon and blasted through what i thought was half the game. Then I came upon the fight with Richter and kicked his ass. Much to my surpise, that was it. I had beaten the game!

Well My Dad was working Second shift that night and I went to bed before he got home. So, I left a post it note for him that read "Beat Symphony of the Night By Killing Richter."

About 3:00 in the morning my bedroom door slammed open waking me up and my dad yelled "BULLSHIT!!!" scaring the Bajeezits out of me

I figured he wouldnt Believe me. You see, up to that point the Belmonts had always been the Heroes of the Series and Dracula the Last boss. So I knew he would have a hard time swallowing it. So, I saved right before the battle, just so i could prove it to him.

I replied "No it isnt"

To which he said "Prove it"

So, I did and in doing so left my dad speechless. This was back before I had internet access, muchless any knowledge of (GOD'S GIFT TO GAMING). So the rumors i heard of the "Mirrored castle" and "True Final Battle with Dracula" stayed just that to me, just rumors. I didnt even know how to or even if i could unlock the Mirrored Castle.

A few years later i found out how on Funny thing is, I had all the equipment needed to get the Holy Glasses and thus reveal the spirit controling Richter. It was the ghost of the Dark Priest Shaft who had resurrected Dracula four years prior and was killed by Richter in his quest to stop Dracula.

By Using the Holy Glasses to see and Kill the spirit instead of Richter i would have unlock the mirrored Castle. Oh well at least it left me with one of my most vivid and treasured memories of my dad. Ill always remember that One True Father & Son Moment we shared It just so happened to be one where we shared a favorite Passtime. I love you Dad and i miss you.

Dedicated in loving memory of Kenneth Eldon Eaton II

R.I.P. March 1, 1998


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