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 Mega Man 7 was the only addition to the Classic series on SNES, besides the atrocity that is Mega Man Soccer. How does it compare to the first six 8-bit games?

 During the time when Screwattack was offline earlier this week, I decided to do two things. One, go outside and enjoy the 95 degree weather and play some Rockman 7. I hardly play 7 because, to me, it's not that great of a Mega Man game and looks odd compared to the other 16-bit Mega Man game Mega Man X. But after playing it twice, I think I have all my thoughts together about the game. So lets get started.

After creating six games for the NES Capcom had to Move to the SNES and that meant that many things had to be changed like redrawing characters and adding more colors.
The development of Mega Man 7 was very rushed because of “bad timing” so the game had around three months to be made like Mega Man II for the Game Boy. But, fortunately, 7 was created by people who knew Mega Man and where very motivated.

Mega Man 7 added some new characters like Auto, who Inafune didn't like at first and Bass with his wolf companion Treble. Bass was created by Dr. Wily to be the anti-Mega Man and the most powerful robot ever made.

The team leader and about 15 programers were basically sealed in a tiny room. When the air quality assessment guy came around, he was like, 'Whoa!' (laughs)
                                                                                             -Keiji Inafune


It has been six months since Dr. Wily was arrested at the end of 6, but being the evil genius that he is, Wily created four Robot Masters that would search for their master if contact hadn’t been made in six months. After six months his creations destroy the town and free Dr. Wily from prison. Mega Man tries to stop him, but he is interrupted by a new robot named Bass how claims that he is also trying to stop Dr. Wily.


This is the first Mega Man Classic game to have an intro stage, but you don’t actually start right away, you have to listen to the conversation with Rock, Roll, and Auto which takes around a minute, then in the next screen you meet up with Dr. Light and Rush with Dr. Wily wiggling his eyebrows at the end. Now during these dialogue scenes you can’t skip or speed up the text and the text has to make a noise for every single word that is said. It gets annoying after a while, but it isn’t as bad as the dialogue noise thats in X5. Getting back to the intro stage you have two bosses both very easy. The first is Mad Grinder, a steamroller robot you saw during the intro and then Bass a few screen later.

Control wise, since we are on a new console the control set up is different. B jumps, Y shoots, holding Y charges your mega buster and the nice thing is that unlike 5 and 6, if you get hit, you won't loose your charged shot. A new addition added to the Classic series is the ability to change weapons with the L and R buttons so you don’t have to press START constantly. The sliding controls are still the same in 7 like they were in past games. 

The password system has been updated so it’s set up like the X games, no more dots and the weapon get screen has either Roll, Dr. Light, or Auto describing how the weapon works, giving you hints on how to use them.

After you beat the intro stage and see the new password system you will notice yet another change, this one being a downgrade. You only get to choose from 4 Robot Masters at a time like the Game Boy games. It worked with the GB games, but it feels kind of cheap here in a SNES game. To get the other Robot Masters you have to defeat the first 4 and then go to the mid stage and defeat a boss. Or if you just want every robot at once enter the code 1755-8187-6486-2322, but be warned, any password you get until all 8 are defeated don’t work. Also that password only works one the SNES version, not the Anniversary Collection version.

If theirs one gameplay element they added is the screw/shop system. When you defeat enemies they may drop screws that can be used to purchase items like E-Tanks or Rush Jet. If you want to go one a scavenger hunt in 7 get Rush Search in Freeze Man’s stage and use him in certain locations to find everything you would normally buy at Auto’s shop buried in the ground. One item called the Hyper Rocket Buster would cost 800 screws, but if you use Rush Search on the first stoplight platform you come to you will find it saving you the time grinding for screws. Also in Freeze Man’s stage, Junk Man’s stage, Cloud Man’s stage, and Burst Man’s stage there are four plates that spell “RUSH” and when they’re all collected you get to turn into Super Mega Man.

Super Mega Man takes the Jet and Power adaptors from 6 and mashes them into one sweet suit. Charging up the your buster will make Mega Man fire his rocket fist which is very powerful, especially when you get the Hyper Rocket Buster upgrade. The only downside about this suit is that you can’t slide.

To add to the already extensive amount of crap you can collect in 7, you can get Proto Man’s shield, but you have to do everything correctly, all without Reseting the game or turning it off. First you have to go to Cloud Man’s stage towards the end and find Proto Man in a room above a Sniper Joe. Then go to Turbo Man’s stage to find Proto Man in a room behind a fake wall in the vertical tunnel after the section with the suspended tires. The fake wall is above the second stoplight ledge, use Super Mega Man to fly into the secret room to meet Proto Man. The last part, go to Shade Man’s stage and defeat the pumpkin mini-boss by hitting the purple core and defeat the Sniper Joe below and walk right, through the wall. Here you will duel Proto Man and if you win you will get his shield which blocks some enemy fire. Is it worth it? No, not really.

This is the first game to have breaks between each Wily stage so the threat of running out of weapon energy is non-existant. Plus you have W tanks that refill all of your weapon energy so your should never run out of energy for your weapons.


 Mega Man 7 has about an average difficulty overall with most of my problems being certain jumps that don’t look hard to make, but since Mega Man’s sprite is enormous it makes jumps kind of hard land. One thing I noticed right away when I used a Robot Masters weakness is that they repeat one attack or just move from left to right rather than doing what they would normally do like in the first six games. Luckily this is the only Mega Man game with this problem. The final battle with Wily is by far the hardest in any of the Classic game, hell even one of the developers said that “The Wily Capsule in ‘7‘ turned out as tough as it did because of Inafune saying, ‘Let’s make the very last fight insanely hard!‘ At the time, the lead programmer, Inafune, and myself had pooled our collective energy into working on just the Wily Machine. In the end, we created something that cannot be defeated without the use of an Energy Tank. (laughs)”

One other thing I noticed about 7 was that the invincibility time when you get hit is very short.


Since this game came out in 1995 the graphics are good, detail wise. The color choices for some of the stages don’t look or fit well. Spring Man’s stage for example is mostly pink and light yellow with playing card designs scattered across the level. I would imagine a more red and black coloration would look better than bright pink. As nice as the characters look in the game, they’re to big and make the stages look small.

Some positives I will give 7 is that the background at the start of Junk Man’s stage has a bunch of Famicoms and I like how enemies hide behind some background objects to make surprise attacks. The night sky clearing effect in Shade Man’s level looks sweet as well.


Music is a hit or miss to me. As a node to the Ghouls n’ Gobblins series, fi you hold down the B button when you select Shade Man’s stage, the main theme of the Gn’G series plays. One thing I noticed was that the stage select theme sounds almost identical to the one used in 5, perhaps it’s because the game was rushed.


Freeze Man's stage                                                            Turbo Man's stage


Wily stage 1                                                                         Credits theme


 Since you can only fight 4 Robot Masters at a time their isn’t as much freedom to choose your order. I don’t play 7 that often, but I do like all the hidden crap Capcom shoved into the levels making me go back to stages so I don’t have to grind for screws.

If you love Street Fighter and Mega Man then listen, or in case read this paragraph. After the credits and you see the last screen that says “Thanks for playing, Capcom 1995” enter the line of numbers after the copyright Capcom/No. Or if you don’t feel like beating the game, 1415-5585-7823-6251. This password does two things. If you just enter it and press START you will be sent to Wily stage 4 with everything maxed out, but if you hold L and R and press START you will be sent to the special Vs. mode. It’s kind of crappy, but still a fun little addition added before 7 went to beta.


For being the only Classic Mega Man game released for the SNES besides Mega Man Soccer for everyone, but Japan it pales in comparison to the new X series that started a year earlier and was at it’s second installment by the time 7 arrived. While the controls are nice, the oversized sprites, hit or miss music, and annoying dialogue bring the game down.  

 By itself, 7 is a great SNES game, but compared to the last six games in the series it kind of falls flat. I will give the developers credit though, for having around three months to create a game on new hardware, they did a great job and like I mentioned earlier, I like the Rush Search scavenger hunt system they added.

Price wise, a SNES copy of Mega Man 7 can go for $70+ on eBay so you’re better off getting it in the Anniversary Collection for the PS2 and Gamecube or getting an imported copy around $15-$30.

I believe this game is deserves a 7/10(Good) and may be worth playing if you’re new to the series or just want to give it another shot.

Well thats the end. I hoped you liked the review and feel free to leave a comment or something now that the site has more things like subscribing.

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