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Posted on April 23, 2012 - 5:28pm by MegaSilverX1


 How does Mega Man III hold up to the other Game Boy Mega Man games?

 Released: 1992                                                                                                  Game Boy

After the bad experience Capcom had with the developer of Mega Man II they decided to go back to the original developer that created the first game and stay with them for the remaining Game Boy installments. How does this entry compare to the first two? Let's find out.


Dr. Wily is using an oil platform in the middle of the ocean to draw energy from the core to power his new machine. Along with that he's created another Mega Man Killer, Punk to specifically destroy the blue bomber. 


Like with almost any Mega Man game the gameplay is the same, you run, slide, and jump. Mega Man III adds the ability to charge Mega Man's buster to create a more powerful shot and Eddie (Flip-Top) returns from Mega Man 4. Passwords, unlike the second game do not save E-Tanks and they're not quite as common like in MMII.  So you are going to have to either beat the game in one go or go back and play through levels and collect E-Tanks all over again.

Mega Man's controls when falling feel very slippery because he doesn't want to hold still while falling. This problem stays with the last three Game Boy games, but is very noticeable here when you have to dodge a ton of spikes in water. Also the level design can be very cheap in some parts and levels can go on for what feels like an eternity. 


This is by far the hardest Mega Man games on the Game Boy. Bosses themselves aren't hard to kill, but getting to them takes a lot of skill. Punk and the Giant Suzy's you have to fight are the hardest bosses in this game in my opinion since both of them can kill you in 4-5 hits and move fast. 

Going back to the level design being cheap, in certain areas the jumps you need to make have to be pixel perfect or have an enemy just off screen to jump into you before you can shoot it and knock you into a pit. Also like Wily's Revenge 1-Ups are super rare. 


The graphics are better than the first two games, some backgrounds are animated and characters once again are taken strait from the NES games minus the color.


Mega Man III went back to using the music from the NES adventures and they sound top notch like they do in Mega Man 3 and 4. The Wily stages have their own themes and they sound wonderful.


Wily Castle Stage                                                            Wily Station III


Drill Man's Stage                                                              Spark Man's Stage


I tend to play this game much less than any other Classic Mega Man game. Why? It's to difficult. I know thats a bad excuse, but coming from a person who likes Mega Man X6 that's saying something. The game, like any Mega Man game lets you play the stages in any order, 4 at a time and use whatever weapon you want when you want. 


If you love a truly sadistic Mega Man game for the go then MMIII is a great game to purchase. While the controls, graphics, and music are great the cheap difficulty makes me dislike this game. Also the fact that the passwords don't save E-Tanks while all the other games (except for Wily's Revenge) do really sucks. I can really only recommend this game to fans of Mega Man.  

I believe this game is deserving of a 6.5/10 (Above Average but not quite deserving of a "Good"). Although this game was rated better than MMII it's my least favorite of the GB Mega Man games. But I can say that from here the last two games are a huge improvement.

Thanks for reading this little review and feel free to leave a comment.

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