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Released: December 2001                                       Playstation/PC 

How did you spend your e3? I spent it playing Mega Man X5 and X6. This game was the last Mega Man X game I didn't have in the series and I knew that it got bad reviews and even one of my favorite Youtube people ClementJ642 hates this game with a passion. He did a lets play of the game and each video he starts with "I hate this game".

So of course I wanted to try the game and after playing it on the Mega Man X Collection I actually…liked…it… Don't hurt me! So with the holidays rolling around the corner I asked for this game, enjoying it more since I was using a Playstation controller rather than the Gamecube controller.


Let's start off looking at the release date of X6. Mega Man X5 was released in Japan on November 30, 2000 and X6 was released November 29, 2001. So this game had 364 days of development.  

So Keiji Inafune had no involvement with the last four X games in the series, he intended the fifth game to be the end of it since Zero died in the end so he could get everything prepared for the Mega Man Zero series. However when X6 came out Inafune had to change the story for how Zero comes back. Inafune even felt the need to apologize for the creation of Mega Man X6 because he felt the series was starting to go in a direction out of his control. The development schedule of this game was very tight so the designs of the Mavericks were relatively simple. 


It's been three weeks since the events of X5 and Zero is still missing and the Earth is basically uninhabitable. Rumors about a mysterious maverick named the Zero Nightmare, a robot that is made of pure evil creating chaos. So X decides to see what this maverick is and put an end to the harm his recently killed friend was getting. 

Intro stage with two bosses, on that you dispose of with no trouble and one you cannot defeat like the battle with Vile in the intro stage of X1.

Gate the main antagonist in the game


Usually when I start these reviews I used the intro themes for the Rockman X versions, but Mega Man X6 and Rockman X6 use the same intro music, Moonlight and The Answer. X6 was also the first game in the series to have full voice acting…however it's all in Japanese with english text and this text is full of engrish, an effect of the game being very rushed. 

As seen in the good ending with X in X5 and the intro of this game, you get Xero's Z-Saber to use. Press  to use it. X swings it slower than Zero however. Otherwise than the Z-Saber addition the controls are still the same. You also get to start with the main armor form X5, the Falcon Armor just with the flying ability taken away. This game like X5, has three more armors you can get, the Blade Armor, Shadow Armor, and Ultimate Armor now black colored. You still need to have all four pieces of an armor to use it.

When you play as Zero you have the double jump and air dash right from the start. Also you can use Zero's buster by pressing the triangle button and the nice thing about his buster, it does a good amount of damage to all bosses. Once again you can enter a code to give Zero the Black Armor to boost defense and attack. Just be careful when playing as Zero because the special attacks he gets from the mavericks can screw you over when you're in a tight spot. Pressing UP and X will send Zero flying upwards onto the celling, but the attack you get from Scaravich is by far the worst. Pressing UP and the square button will send Zero crashing downwards with a powerful sword slice. Those moves will screw you over the most.

Shadow Armor

The focus of rescuing injured Reploids from X5 is still in this game and is even more important since some of them carry a Heart Tank and other important things to equip when you get to the Stage Select screen. I'll discuss more about equipping things in the next paragraph. When playing this game be sure to get as many of the injured Reploids as you can since they can be killed in this game and you wont be able to get their item if they had one. 

Perhaps the biggest thing that Mega Man X6 has is the Nightmare Phenomenon. This affects Reploids and stages. In X6 you will see many DNA looking robots called the Nightmare Virus. Kill them before they take control of injured Reploids or attack you. Just be carful of them since they can both shoot and move through walls. When destroyed the virus drops a Nightmare Soul, a blue orb you will want to collect as a sort of experience point in the game. Each orb is worth 8 and the green orbs you get from defeating a maverick or Dynamo is worth 200. The maximum is 9999. The more of these Nightmare Souls you collect the more things you can equip X or Zero. Things like Life Recover which is a free Sub-tank and Shock Buffer which reduces the damage you take.  

The Nightmare Virus

 So let's look at the different forms of the Nightmare Phenomenon shall we?

  •  Nightmare Cubes: Cubes that just seems to be in the way. They can be destroyed with Ground Scaravich's weapon. These will appear in Metal Shark Player and Shield Sheldon's stage.
  • Nightmare Dark: About 50% of the screen is dark or semi-visable. Expect to see this happen in in Commander Yammark and Rainy Turtleoid's stages when they're highlighted red.
  • Nightmare Fire: Balls of fire fall from the top of the screen. These appear after you defeat Blaze Heatnix, so if you don't want the game to be a living hell defeat Heatnix last. Nightmare Fire appears in Blizzard Wolfang and Infinity Mijinion's stage.
  • Nightmare Ice: Makes the floor slippery. It only appears in Metal Shark Players stage. 
  • Nightmare Iron: Iron blocks that appear in Blaze Heatnix, Ground Scaravich and Infinity Mijinion's stages. They can be destroyed with Metal Shark Player's weapon.
  • Nightmare Laser: Laser's in Shield Sheldon's stage that are needed to solve the stages puzzle.
  • Nightmare Mirror: Shadow of X or Zero that try to run into you. They appear in Rainy Turtleoid and Blizzard Wolfang's stage.
  • Nightmare Rain: Acid rain that slowly drains your health. You can stop the rain by destroying cores hidden in the area and then destroying the weather machine. They appear in Commander Yammark and Rainy Turtleoid's stage.
  • Nightmare Random: Rocks that appear in Ground Scaravich's stage. They fall in your general direction.

 Our 8 Mavericks or Investigators as they're called in X6 are...

  • Commander Yammark
  • Rainy Turtleoid
  • Shield Sheldon
  • Blizzard Wolfang
  • Infinity Mijinion
  • Metal Shark Player
  • Ground Scaravich

Mega Man X6 also has three secret bosses, each one rewards you with something.

  • Defeating the Zero Nightmare will reward by being able to play as Zero and get the good ending.
  • Defeating High Max will let you go strait to Gate's Laboratory. You can only fight him after you defeat Zero Nightmare.
  • After you defeat High Max you can fight Dynamo. If you use his weakness, Rainy Turltoid's weapon he will drop a green Nightmare Soul orb which are worth 200. You can get a max of 600 Nightmare Souls each time you battle Dynamo.

The levels in X6 don't have any special gimmicks like the hoverbike sections in X4 and X5. Instead the level design is on the basic side like X1, but their are a few vertical scrolling issues you may run into when playing. The Ride Armor is still in X6 in Metal Shark Player's stage.


I find X6 to be one of the hardest games in the X series. The difficulty comes mostly from the level design and some of the bosses. With all of the difficult you would think Sigma would be the biggest pain in the ass, but his battles in this game are by far the easiest in the series, even easier than the X2 Sigma battle. I will give credit to the voice actor for Sigma because he sounds like the devil. 


About the same as X4, slightly better. While X, Zero, Sigma, and Gate all look nice, many of the maverick graphics look badly drawn. The artwork in the cutscenes look excellent.


X6 has some of the best music in the series. My only complaint about the music is that their isn't a second stage select theme for when the final stages are opened.


Commander Yammark's stage                                      Blaze Heatnix's stage


Infinity Mijinion's stage                                        I.D.E.A(credits theme)


I go back to play Mega Man X6 a lot. You don't have to go back to stages to much in this game and the Nightmare Phenomenon adds some variety in the levels.


As much hate as X6 gets I actually like it. I'm not sure why, but I guess it's the music and difficulty. The controls are improved from X5, the music sounds great, and will offer an excellent challenge to players looking for a difficult X game. If you want the game to be harder you can change the difficulty to xtreme. 

One complaint I do have about X6 is the some of the level designs like Blaze Heatnix's stage. It seems very odd for the creators to just create a level where you fight the same boss FIVE times.

Mega Man X6 goes for about $12 on eBay, but it can be played on the Mega Man X Collection for the PS2 and Gamecube. This shouldn't be the first game you play unless you want to dive into the series difficulty immediately.

X6 to me, gets a 7/10 (Good). For a game Capcom rushed out in barley a year it turned out fine. It doesn't hold a candle to X1 or X4, but it's my tied with X2 as being my third favorite game in the X series. 



Thanks for reading my long review of Mega Man X6. I know you're going to say that this game deserves a lower score, but it's my opinion. Anyway… feel free to leave a comment fellow g1 person.


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