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Posted on May 4, 2012 - 9:29pm by MegaSilverX1


 I know it's kinda early to celebrate Mega Man's birthday, but who cares? I tried to get at least 1 piece of music from each game in the series and it was a pain to only pick 25. 

 This list is only going to have Robot Master stage themes so no Wily stages. Fear not as I plan to make a top 10 for them later.

Honorable Mention- Cut Man- MM1

Cut Man's stage was the first Mega Man Classic stage I ever played. I grew up with the X games, X, X2, X3,  and X4 and I never played the Classic games until my older sister got the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the PS2. I was curious how the original series played so I chose MM1 and this stage since it was the first highlighted stage. I found the game to hard so I never played the Classic games until I got my NES 4 years ago.

25. Ground Man- MM&B (Rockman & Forte)


GBA version                                                                        Super Famicom version

Mega Man & Bass isn't known for having the most stellar music in the Classic franchise, but Ground Man's theme has a nice smooth sound to it and is catchy. 

24. Drill Man- MM4


NES version                                                                          Game Boy version

Oh Drill Man your music is one of the very few pieces I like from Mega Man 4. Maybe is the sound board Capcom used for their fourth game in the series, but the music sounds different from the other five games for the NES. Like Ground Man's theme it's catchy and upbeat.

23. Wood Man- MM2/MMII


NES version                                                                          Game Boy version

Wood Man's theme from Mega Man 2 is a classic and one of my favorite music pieces from the game. I get the feeling of walking through woods when I listen to his theme. But what about his Game Boy music? I like it just as much as the NES version even though it sound so high pitched. Also it kind of sounds more like you're in a forest than the NES one.

22. Gyro Man- MM5

This theme sounds sort of like an end credits theme. I like Gyro Man's stage design although I never understood the point of the elevator at the very start of the level. The part where you are going up the second elevator dodging spikes from above is my favorite part of the stage. This stage also wins the silver medal for having one of the hardest letters to collect in the stage, Wave Man's letter wins the gold.

 21. Sword Man- MM8


PS1/Saturn version                                                      Rockman 8 FC version

Why does Mega Man 8 get so muck flak? I like it a lot more than 7 and I found the gimmicks used in some of the stages to be fun. Sword Man's stage gimmick is using the weapons from the first 4 Robot Masters to progress through certain rooms. The stage music gives the vibe of exploring a dark cave or ruins, which is basically Sword Man's level.

20. Centaur Man- MM6

Poor Centaur Man, he got the obligatory water level in Mega Man 6. I find Centaur Man to be one of the easiest to recognize Robot Masters in all the games since he is the only one who looks like a horse/mythical creature. His music is a little repetitive, but it has a laid back feel.

19. Mars- MMV

Mars' theme makes me think of a factory full of gears like Metal Man's stage. Mars design may spawn from the Roman god of war which makes sense since he looks like a tank and kinda like Napalm Man.

18. Chill Man- MM10

Chill Man's stage has the player making tons of precise jumps while on slippery ice and this tune has a dark, icy theme to it like the stage takes place at an arctic base.

17. Shade Man- MM7

Why didn't they just call him Vampire Man? Anyway, I like how his stage starts out with Mega Man looking at the moon as it clears and it's filled with robot zombies, almost like Ghouls n Goblins. Speaking of while if you hold down A when you select the stage the theme from Ghouls and Goblins plays. 

16. Pirate Man- MM&B (Rockman & Forte)


GBA version                                                                        Super Famicom version

Pirate Man's theme is probably my favorite water level theme in all the Classic games. It's so catchy!

15. Tornado Man- MM9

What a great tune for the trailer showing the return of the classic blue bomber. This stage was and is still so cruel when ever I play 9 and the music is one of the only things that gets me to play most of the stages in 9. I do find this music to be a little bit high pitched, but it's no where near as bad as Mega Man II.

14. Grenade Man- MM8


PS1/Saturn version                                                      Rockman 8FC version


Yet another factory designed stage theme I like. Why do I like factory themes so much? Grenade Man's stage has quite a bit of variety to it with the exploding barrels and running away from the exploding platforms. Also his stage was one of the few that wasn't overly colorful, something I didn't like about 8. 

13. Flash Man- MM2


I don't know why exactly, but Flash Man's stage is so catchy. It's to bad his stage is so short.

12. Gravity Man- MM5

Gravity Man's stage was the first level I played when I got Mega Man 5 for Christmas a few years ago and is my favorite stage in the Classic series because of the gravity switching.

11. Turbo Man- MM7

Is it me or does Turbo Man's theme sound like Silence from the SNES game, F-Zero? This music seems like it would work for a vehicle select screen or track in a racing game.

10. Snake Man- MM3

This stage has a sweet design to it and music. Can't say much more than that.

9. Elec Man- MM1

Elec Man's  theme sounds also exactly like Journey's Faithfully, both sound awesome. His stage has to be one of the longest in the game mainly because it's vertical and Mega Man climbed ladders really slow in the early games.

8. Magma Man- MM9


Magma Man's theme is so great it almost doesn't sound 8-bit, but it doesn't sound much like a fire level. It sounds like your on an adventure more than a magma facility or whatever his level is supposed to be.

 7. Crystal Man- MM5

If  you don't have Star Crash you're going to have a hell of a time getting to Crystal Man. The music in 5 didn't stand out to me, but Gravity Man and Crystal Man's themes were able to stand out.

6. Freeze Man- MM7

This music makes me look forward to winter, my least favorite season and makes it sound pretty.  Also I like Freeze Man's design, it's simple, yet effective.

5. Blade Man- MM10


I love Blade Man's castle stage and mini-boss, a mini castle. Yet another simply catchy tune that fits the level perfectly.

4. Top Man- MM3


NES version                                                                          Mega Drive/Sega Channel Wily Wars version

What do you typically do when you first play a Mega Man game? Go for the robot with the lamest name. In the case of Mega Man 3, that would be Top Man. Mega Man 3 was the second Classic game I bought for my NES and I loved listening to Top Man's stage music. I'm glad Capcom did a great job remixing it for Wily Wars.

3. Flame Man- MM6

Mega Man 6 is my favorite game in the Classic line up, mainly for the music since the story sucks. I like how the composer made  Flame Man's theme start off calm and then turn into 8-bit rock giving it a unique style you don't normally see in NES music.

2. Spark Man -MM3

The image of an out of control power plant and you need to rush to the end to cool it down. I was going to say it reminds me of a giant power plant, but thats actually the name of the song.





1. Solar Man- MM10

Their are SO many great tunes in the Mega Man games and this one just barley got the #1 spot. Unlike Magma Man, Solar Man's music actually sounds like it should be in a fire level and is epic. When I first heard this theme I fell in love with it and go back to play Mega Man 10 for this stage and the other great stages in the game.

Thanks for reading this giant list and I hoped you liked it. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me your favorite music from the game. I plan on doing a top 25 for the Mega Man X games, but that won't be for a while. 

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