Memory Card: Original Video Game Songs

Posted on June 13, 2012 - 5:15pm by NeocountMaeth


Original music about games and gaming that aren't parodies or covers.

Unlike parodies and lyrics to video game music, these are songs that are original in both tune and lyrics. Why make a blog about it? Because I think that as awesome as the works of video game cover bands such as Advantage and the Megas, or people like Brentalfloss and PlentaKill , these are usually more tricky to get out and about. Why? Well because they are unfamiliar. You don't have an instant connection to the tune from memory. To make the song successful requires in my opinion a lot of work since you're going from nothing.

I've compiled a list of 5 songs about games or gamers that I think are very catchy and memorable. I don't expect everyone to know who these artists are but hopefully you'll still get some enjoyment out of them.


 This is probably the earliest game song I can think of. A true classic.


If it wasn't for G4, I'd like this song even more than I already do.



I know Stephen Lynch's D&D song is far more popular, but this is more celebrative than mocking.


This one is hard to find a video so I have to just give a link to a flash that's got good quality audio. It is called Ignorance is Bliss by Jellyfish.


Anyone remember Blue (da ba dee ba)? It was a thing in the 90s. From the same CD was this lovely gaming gem that you can dance to.


I'd love to see more artist try original works. As awesome as the Tetris song is I can only listen to so many remixes of it before it tends to get stale.

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