MercurySteam studio wants to develop a new Contra game

Posted on June 29, 2012 - 5:00pm by King Meatball I

The developer for the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games, MercurySteam, hints they want to work on a new Contra game once both Lords of Shadow games are done if allowed by Konami.

David Cox, lead director of the Castlevania series on consoles, did state it would all depend on how well Lord of Shadow 2 sells.

Cox also stated he will step down from the series after the upcoming Castlevania games are released since he wants to both work on a new project and let someone new take over in charge of the series on consoles.

Cox said during his interview with VG24/7:

“Like I said, I know there’s going to be pressure on us to do another Castlevania game, but I don’t want to rise to that pressure. I want to do something else. I love Contra. I’d love to do Contra. At Mercury Steam we’ve got an original idea that I think is really awesome. We’d love to bring that idea to market and I’m hoping that the success of Lords of Shadow 2 will allow us to do that.”

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