Metal Gear Vapid: The hypocrisy towards Raiden

Posted on June 24, 2012 - 4:18pm by Smoofy


We're digging for the first, and what will not be the last, into the hypocrysy of the gaming community can sometimes show.

Metal Gear, a franchised loved by everybody, except Razorfist. Wich had a long awaited sequel to the acclaimed 1999 title, Metal Gear solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

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Let's go straight to the point, everyone thought they would play yet again as Snake but in the end you whind up playing as Raiden. Now let it be clear, I understand if you have genuine reasons to not like Raiden, personally I don't find him to be the best character ever but he his a basic exemple of a protagonist going through the motions and learning from them if you, that is, stayed for the ending. Now, here's what people say of him: ''He's emo!''. Yes emo. But let me define something here like I did with fan and fanboy.

Like I said a character being imperfect is fine, as long as he/she learns of his/her mistakes.

Ex: Cecil in Final Fantasy 4 regreted what he did when he was working for Baron and kinda fell into self indulgence until Rosa told to to stfu and man up. Wich he did and became a fabulous pretty man paladin. Eat your heart out Alucard (CastleVania).

An emo character on the other end falls into mindless self indulgence (no not into a mosh pit of the group) and stays there for the duration of said game. Now instead of taking the easy jab at Cloud, let's destroy Final Fantasy 13's Hope Esteim (however you spell it)

Ex: He, Hope, for the worst reasons decides to wallow into the filth of his despair up to the half point of the game. And let me tell you, his eventual change of character is about as pulled out of the ass as the rest of the game is from Motomu Toriyama's butt cheeks.

If not that, well okay let's go back to Cloud, he's to easy to bash, like a baby seal. Well he would have ended up like Cloud. Who after FF7 goes back to being emo in Advent Children speaking of wich:

1- Did you not notice that FF13 was meant to be a film like that was.

2- Advent Children? Who comes up with those fancy titles it's about as far fetched as Fabula Nova Crystallis, or Ehrgeiz (wich means ambition by the way). While we're at it... Konami! Revengeance is not a word! More on that later!

So you see, there's a difference. Now, the first part of the problem is that people call anything emo on a moment's notice. Everyone has their problems, fictional or not. Even Snake had is moments of sadness and isn't he supposed to have post traumatic stress? And I'm not talking about pulled out of my ass Other M stress but something that weaves better in the narrative? I guess this is part of the game's theme showing itself, people, especially men, are not allowed to show their emotions in society besides anger or badassness. Yes that's an emotion now. People let it go by with Snake because he sports the mullet so well but Raiden has nothing! No but seriously people hated him because he wasn't Snake. Understandably, people had waited quite the while and Kojima did make them believe Snake would be the main character in this but this just goes to prove that he sould have stuck to is convictions and showed them (if of course, that's not yet again part of the theme, being lied too). Then again like I said previously, anger, even if justified, looses all meaning when it has no direction and you just lash out at everything, in this case, Raiden.

Now, the second part of the problem. After MGS2 there was a huge fan backlash. So to satisfy the pitch fork welding fanboys Hideo Kojima made Raiden into something more, familiar. A cyborg ninja. But not, I'm hiding in the shadows, I'm the thing you fear at night ninja, à la Tenchu. No, now because of Solid 4 and Revengeance (really?) wich was supposed to showcase their ''hunting stleath'' mechanic, Raiden become a walking anime cliché. Oh and halfway through, like most stealth games today, Re... Rising was tranformed into an action game.

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Then again, Platinum Games (formely Clover Studios one of my favorite devs), that kind of beloved small studio, like Looking Glass or Rare is behind the project but the timing is bad. Again another franchise being transformed into a generic action game. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's go back to the MGS4 era. Then fans weren't cautious of a change of pace. What baffles me is that Raiden spent the entire game being emo and anime shonen ninja but everyone found him cool then. Why? Well I'll let you something, wich also applies to the world of cinema. Put action into something and people won't care if it's rushed and has horrible story and bad characters. Oh and make it pretty too. I'm looking at you Final Fantasy in the past 10 years... That's why Michael Bay is not out of a job yet. Ironically Battleship sunk but not Bay's fil... No I mean moving turds. That's it, not movies but moving feces on a screen. The Outer Heaven scene made no sense, even for a Metal Gear. So he cannot move a pile of rubble but can stop a fortress boat with both arms missing? But no one cared, because action.

Well, in conclusion, wether you like Raiden or not don't simply hate him because he's not Snake. To then sunddenly like him because he reminds you of you favorite overly ridiculous anime moments and that's coming from an anime fan. If you're going to have an opinion, have it be something based on sensical thinking. Until my next blog, happy gaming people. Next time, I'll talk about one of the few things worth a crap on Machinima.Two best friends play (and Woolie, who gave up sex with two lesbians for MVC3, the man has priorities, too bad the game blew, he hates you forever).

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