Microsoft Buys Up "Xbox 8" Domain Names

Posted on July 3, 2012 - 4:59pm by LSDreamscape

Recently, Xbox won a legal war over the ownership of several domain name variations for "Xbox" including one that has caught everyone on the internet's attention.

Among the properties Xbox now owns, includes a Chinese national that contained the word "Xbox" that some have presumed were for possible Microsoft product spinoffs from their Xbox 360 console.

Some of the names listed in the dispute include addresses such as, and but, the one that seems to be the most relevant is in fact "Xbox 8" and other adresses such as and

The name has sparked a surprising amount of speculative interest across the web and even several mainstream news outlets including CNN . The biggest rumor points to "Xbox 8" being the new name of Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360 in the wake of leaked documents detailing the new console's specs that were confirmed by an anonymous source.

-The possible new specs for the console that were confirmed by an anonymous source-

At this point, I would like to remind everyone that nothing is certain and that it's just a name and it's most likely that Microsoft only bought the names because they contained "Xbox" in the title so they could protect their product. They also didn't want URL squatters pointing the name of their properties to spam websites.

If we're talking obvious here, this couldn't be the solution I mean..."Xbox8"? Unless that's a prototype name like Project Natal was for the Kinect, that name sounds really lame for a console, am I right?

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