Microsoft not giving up on market in Japan, reveals Phil Spencer

Posted on March 29, 2014 - 9:40am by ThatPunkAdam

As far as console gaming goes, Sony’s PlayStation line has been the one of the few consoles to find somewhat of a success in the Japanese game market. Microsoft’s Xbox, however, has only found struggles in Japan, but the company remains determined, as Microsoft Games’ CEO Phil Spencer told Gamespot, “I don’t believe that console gaming is dead in Japan.”

Considering the latest Xbox One has yet to launch in the country along with taking on a mobile-savvy market, Microsoft undoubtedly faces a steep hill. Yet, Spencer – despite his natural concern – still feels “there’s a lot of great talent [in Japan] for console games,” and “knowing my friends there and the things they’re interested in… I think we’ve got to find some genres of games that re-emerge.” Thus Microsoft “remains committed to the Japanese market,” feeling “it’s critical for is in the industry that we continue to invest there and see great games come out.”

Unfortunately, the connection between the Japanese and western game markets remains a one-sided affair. While western audiences have always taken to Japanese titles from the classic Super Mario Bros., to the heavily influenced Final Fantasy series, titles from the Americas seldom find success in Japan. But, what do you think, g1s? Will Microsoft be able to turn this mindset around? Or are they just wasting time and money? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section down below! 

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