Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 & 2 Revisited

Posted on August 31, 2012 - 12:27pm by Dark Magician

Let’s talk about the first two seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. For fans of the long running tv series, they will say these seasons are the best. One main reason is because the cast kept getting carried over until Turbo. Jason, Billy, Trini, Zack, and Kimberly were the first and simply the most loved. But when Turbo happened, the Zeo cast were all finally dropped.

No more Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Tanya, and Kat. We finally got an all new cast of Power Rangers. My thoughts when this happened were “What the fuck? You can get rid of everyone else but keep Tommy!” But that was when I caught an episode here and there and watched a lot of the pivotal stuff that really mattered. I should have kept it that way.

So as you can imagine, myself and a lot of fans hate the new stuff because every year its a new cast and new look for the Power Rangers. And when we got wind that Saban bought back Power Rangers from Disney and gave us Samurai and Super Samurai, we rejoiced! Finally, we get a PR cast that was carried over into a new season! However, after watching the first two seasons in their entirety, I am willing to sit through the Disney Era stuff. Yes, I am dead serious when I say that.

What is wrong with them? Where do I start...

50 episodes is really too fucking much. When Disney owned the Power Rangers, their episodes season were drastically cut down and now I’m thinking that’s a good call. I didn’t really mind it in Season 1 since I still had spirit. But near the end I was like, please just give me the Thunder Megazord already. The only exciting stuff was when the Green Ranger joined the other Rangers and also when he lost his powers. When Goldar got his zord, Cyclopsis, I was too fucking bored out of my mind to really find it cool.

And to make matters worse, when Season 2 started, it still takes the Rangers some time before they get the Thunder Megazords. At that point I was begging for Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to get their powers. But even that was very painful. Which brings me to this...

From what I have gathered, Saban Entertainment is very cheap and will cut corners to make ends meet. So when Austin St. John wanted a higher pay rate on his contract, Saban just let him go in the middle of production of Season 2 and replaced him. As far as I know, Walter Jones and Thuy Thang left on good terms.

So when I watched few episode leading into Ninja Encounter Part 1, I noticed they used a different voice actor for Jason when he was in his Red Ranger costume. And a lot of those episodes, they focused a lot on Kimberly, Billy and Tommy with almost no word of what the others were up to. And in the final farewell episode, they had Tommy wear some specific articles of clothing to keep continuity with some old stock footage they had to make the episode possible.

Why is this a problem? They fucking dragged their ass leading into the goodbye episode for Jason, Zack, and Trini! Yes, Austin, Walter, and Thuy were long gone by then. So for 7 to 8 episodes, they focused on Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy with the occasional assistance of non-rangers, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. I was thinking, “Stop fucking with me and just give Rocky, Adam, and Aisha their powers already!” That is what ruins Season 2 for me, it was so painful to sit through. But they got their act together for Season 3 which is the strongest in the MMPR series.

So by the end of Season 1, my brain was pretty fried and everything was becoming tired. I didn’t care when the Putties showed up, when they morphed, or when they called their zords. Before I decided to go back to the beginning, I watched the Time Force series in its entirety. I liked how the cast looked like they were having fun and they even had Movie Madness Part 1 & 2. It was silly stuff and the cast and production crew knew it, but they just ran with it and I really enjoyed that. Trip and Wes in a bad Western, need I say more?

That made me think, Season 1 & 2 can really benefit from some silly humor, something to lighten up everything. With no real storyline and each episode being solely about the new weekly monster, it gets stale fast, even worse when THERE IS 50 FUCKING EPISODES OF THIS BORING ASS SHIT! Of course Bulk and Skull make it bareable, or else I’d call my Quanasaurus Rex zord and start wrecking shit. But even in Seasons 1 & 2, Bulk and Skull didn’t really hit their stride till Season 3.

So when a Power Ranger fan tells you the MMPR series is the best (Season 1-3) and the annual new cast & new ranger suit thing is stupid, you can tell them they don’t know what they are talking about. A sane person that sat through every single episode of the MMPR which is a 145 episodes will tell you, be glad for the annual change of the guard!

I will refer to Time Force once again. In that series, everyone pretty much had a story. And it didn’t just end in one episode and never spoken of again. Wes the Red Ranger had a thing with Jen the Pink Ranger. Wes had issues with his father. Wes had issues with his friend, Eric the Quantum Ranger. Eric has issues with himself. Jen had a thing with Alex who is a descendant of Wes(They look exactly alike) than later developed feelings for Wes. Ransik had this thing with Frax. Nadira has some personal growth. So much things were going on with the characters, it made every episode interesting. I can honestly say I enjoyed every single episodes.

Then I watched Seasons 1 & 2, and the fun I had with Time Force was crushed. Like I said before, the only exciting stuff when you had a two-three-four part episode continuation. The writing and dialogue is dull. Who gives a shit that Zack is afraid of bugs. I didn’t care much for anyone but Jason. After Green With Evil, its all downhill, seriously.

What you get on any given episode, kickass intro, a few words on how martial arts teaches you discipline and confidence, Bulk and Skull showing up and get some type of pastry thrown in their face, and some trouble from Rita and her evil forces. If Bulk and Skull weren’t around, I would get sick of the ranger’s positive attitude, efforts for World Peace, and pollution-is-bad lecture. Seriously, wouldn’t you get sick of those types of kids that are in your classroom?

Now I thinking its a good thing I just caught bits and pieces of MMPR leading into Season 3. Zeo is good because it puts MMPR in the past where it belongs and starts anew. Plus Austin St. John reprises his role as Jason and becomes the Gold Ranger. Bulk and Skull hit their high point when they team up with Rito and Goldar. It all works, but I can do without all the non-sense that the rangers do.

Turbo starts out with Bulk and Skull turned into chimpanzees which is freaking hilarious and you also have Elgar and Divatox being hilarious. Not mention Alpha 6 with his hilarious accent. But at this point, I hardly care what the rangers are doing, just morph and beat up some Pirahnatrons and call your zords. And after Turbo, everything is awesome.

As for the Disney stuff of Power Rangers, I only caught on with SPD and it was so great. Maybe one day, I’ll be back to talk about the Disney stuff and see if its at least better than Season 1 & 2 of MMPR. But for now, that does it. So anyone else here traumatized by Season 1 & 2?

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