Mineattack enters a new era!

Posted on September 20, 2012 - 6:00pm by NaiOni


Mineattack has been updated. Well, upgraded, rather. We've got some really good new features, so don't be lazy, read the full blog!

Mineattack has moved to a new server! With this move, we have decided to change a few things. To get a better understanding of how much has changed, let me tell you about how Mineattack was set up before.

The old Mineattack:

  • 1.5 GB of RAM, capable of hosting about 30 player slots.
  • No SSH access, meaning we could not run files ourselves, our provider had to do it for us. This meant we could not run any plugins that required scripts or external programs.
  • Windows server 2007. A Windows based server OS. Not very efficient, a bit slow, not very stable.
  • No dedicated CPU cores. We weren't guaranteed any amount of processing power.
  • Only access to the Minecraft server files, meaning if something went wrong, only our provider could fix it.

Not an optimal solution, to be honest. The service was great in the begining, but the longer we had hosted the server with them, the lower we seemed to be prioretised. During the last few months, the service was outright bad! In the begining, tickets were answered withing 2 hours. In the end, it could take 2 days! Sometimes it took so long that I got warning e-mails saying that the ticket would be closed soon, due to it being inactive, before I had even gotten a reply!

So, let us look at the new server. What's different about it?

  • 8 GB of RAM, capable of hosting about 120 player slots.
  • SSH access, meaning we can run pretty much anything on the server, including map plugins for Minecraft.
  • Ubuntu 11, very stable Linux based server, with better performance and much higher stability.
  • 4 dedicated CPU cores.
  • Access to ALL our files.

So, what will this change? First of all, we aren't limited to one Minecraft server. We can host a secondary server to try out plugins and such, or build stuff in secret, to later port into the world.

We can now run our own website, where we can have a status page, giving you information about whether the server is up or not, as well as a hub linking you to all the info you need about Mineattack. We could have the links to all the blog posts on ScrewAttack regarding Mineattack, have all the admins twitter feeds on one page, links to our Facebook page and a news feed made for the site.

Best of all, wait for it... We can run server for other games.

We have been planning this for quite some time, and now we can finally do it! Mineattack will over the next few months be evolving into the g1 Games Network! Mineattack will be our flagship server, but very soon, you will see a Team Fortress 2 server hosted by us.

We are still looking for other games to hosts servers for, so please come with suggestions!

Oh, before I forget, we have made one more upgrade. We have bought a domain! Yep, gone are the days of connecting to a long IP that is hard to remember. Now you just need to type in a web address, and you are done!


Our new IP is Mineattack.net


That address is shared with our website, so if you type it into your browser, you will be taken here!

The website is far from done. It only contains a short, and not so accurate biography of the server. Our focus right now is to work on the server, so the site will be a side project for now.

You can access a map of the server by going to Mineattack.net:8123

I hope I'll see you online!

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