Minecraft for XBLA doesn’t support SD co-op

Posted on May 11, 2012 - 2:00pm by Sean Hinz

The biggest feature of the new Minecraft for many gamers was the ability to share a game with friends from the comfort of your living room. This might not be as easy for some, since the local multiplayer mode does not support standard definition televisions. There does not seem to be any warning of this until the game is booted up and by then, it is too late.

Some gamers are justifiably upset about this and would like a refund based on the feeling that they have been misled. Microsoft doesn’t feel the same way though and will not be issuing a universal refund. Some gamers claim to have received a refund, but when Kotaku contacted customer support, they were told “it would depend on a number of factors, including which customer service representative was handling the case, and that at most we would get only a portion of our Microsoft Points back”.

Maybe they should try to communicate this requirement in a notification when SD gamers go to purchase a game? The Xbox is smart enough to know which resolution it is operating in, so I assume with a little coding that would be possible... Let me know if I am completely off base in the comments.  

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