Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition updates are incoming

Posted on June 21, 2012 - 10:00am by Digmbot


Bugs fixed! Seeds still work! DLC coming in July!

It should be no secret I love me some Minecraft on the 360. It's fun, it's addictive, and I enjoy blogging about the weirdness that happens in the game. The last few days, I've been digging around the web searching for tidbits about my version of the game. Here are a few interesting ones:

Minecraft 360 Patch

Ok, so I didn't dig around for this one. 4J released an update for the game recently. Simply fire up your copy and you will be prompted to accept the update. The update fixes a number of issues, such as:

  • Autosave (with adjustable time limit. Nifty.)
  • Options to disable in game hints
  • A bug that let you stand on top of sugar cane
  • A fix for the leaderboard crashes
  • A friendly remind not to put LAVA near SPAWN POINTS. (Derp) 

Theres a lot more to the update. For a full rundown get your click on right here.                                            

New DLC is coming in July.

4J and Mojang have always maintained that they will eventually update Minecraft on the XBOX. True to their word, an update is coming in early July. Apparently, the plan to jump to version 1.7.3. Hopefully, I can finally use all my redstone to make some pistons and more complicated machinery. I'm also hoping  for creative mode so I can build truly epic things. Downloadable skins have also been mentioned in relation to this DLC, which sounds fine by me.


Not having played Minecraft on PC, I ignored the seed field when I started my first world. Then a  PC  Minecraft friend mentioned the concept of seeds to me. Now eduacted, I decided to see if they still worked. To date, I have tested 404, Glacier, and Dead Mau5. They seem to match up pretty well to the screenshots I have seen of the PC versions. I'm sure some things have been lost in the transition due to Xbox worlds being smaller than their PC counterparts, but its still pretty cool.
For a more comprehensive list of seeds, point that mouse right here.

I still love this game, and the recent patch along with new DLC coming has me giddy. Is it July yet?

Peace. Digmbot out.

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