MLP wreaks havoc in Skyrim

Posted on January 19, 2012 - 10:40am by Lauren Moore

Part of me feels like it's too early in the morning to expose you guys to this, and part of me just needs you to see it..

There is no shortage of weird and wonderful Skyrim mods; but this one takes the cake for leaving me utterly unsure of how to feel. This latest mod allows you to swap dragons for My Little Pony... and it's frightening

In the video below you can watch as a doe-eyed Fluttershy wrecks the shit out of everything with a stunningly blank expression.

Created by SkyrimNexus user zdzichorowerzysta, the mod has already been downloaded over 500 times in the three days since it was posted.

Those eyes... There's just no remorse...

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