Mojang adds the ability to animate textures in Minecraft

Posted on January 14, 2013 - 3:00pm by Sean Hinz

The simple world of Minecraft is about to become a whole lot more complex. Mojang revealed this past week that the latest official update to world of Minecraft includes animated textures! So users can now add another layer of detail into their ever expansive worlds. Just look at this great view of the He-Man Parody in-game

So with custom GIFs becoming a major part of Minecraft proper, you’ll probably see more twinkling lights and mind-bending animations. I expect floors to move, walls to bleed, and oceans to glisten. It’s a brave new day for the citizens of Mojang's blocky world. 

What texture will the g1Nation animate first on the MineAttack server? Let us know in the comments. Thanks Chandler Redding and RPS for the video!

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