Monster Hunter 4 is a sales monster for Capcom; expectations for the Ultimate edition rise as a result

Posted on May 10, 2014 - 3:40pm by Ryan Conway

As you're probably already aware, Capcom released its financial review this past Thursday and the results were good. Damn good in fact! The company saw a 15.9% raise in net income ($34 million) and a net sales increase of 8.6% ($1 billion). While many of Capcom's releases throughout the past fiscal year proved successful according to the report, the standout of this upward swing is the latest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise.

Monster Hunter 4 (which is one of Japan's hottest games at the moment) proved to be a sales monster, selling over 4 million copies since first hitting Japanese retailers last September. There's no doubt this number is going to raise the franchise's stock within the company; a sure fire sign of this is that Capcom has risen its sales expectations for the updated version, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Capcom is now expecting to sell over 3.9 million copies of the 3DS exclusive between its early 2015 (likely January) launch and the end of the new fiscal year (March 31, 2015). While the standard version is making a nice impact in the Japanese market, there's a good chance the number of those who'll choose to update to Ultimate, will be lower than these initial sales.

However, the update does have the advantage of being released world-wide, so the combined buying power of die-hard Japanese fans and the growing North American and European fanbases should make it easy enough to reach or maybe even surpass this target. 

But that's not all the series has to offer this calendar year, as two mobile games are also set for a Japanese release; Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is coming to the iOS App Store later this month and Monster Hunter Smart, which is coming at a later date. Oh and of course there's also the upcoming Monster Hunter Online MMO, which PC gamers across Asia will be able to enjoy starting with its beta this summer. 

...Dazzling Crowns for everyone!

With Monster Hunter enjoying all of this success, what do you think the chances of one its characters becoming playable in Capcom's next big crossover fighter? Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Felyne and Rocket Raccoon come to blows.

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