More spooky details about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Posted on June 6, 2012 - 8:44pm by Ryan Conway

Yesterday, we caught our first glimpse at Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Tonight during Nintendo’s 3DS live-stream, we’ve learned a few new details about the game.

For instance, there's a special multi-colored beam Luigi can use to find all sorts of hidden secrets, while the flashlight will under-go a few changes. Instead of simply shining it on ghosts to stun them, you'll have to charge it first. Once it's charged, a huge flash of light (called the "Strobe") will fill the screen and the ghost/s will not only be stunned, but its/their hit points will also be displayed on screen as well and then Luigi will have the chance to dwindle its/their HP bar/s until its/they're low enough to perform a capture. 

Oh and Toad is in it and he'll be assisting you occasionally . Flippen sweet!

That sure was some scray stuff.

The trailer for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is now available on the 3DS’ eShop.

Oh and one last thing. We can also confirm that the game will be available on the Nintendo Network alongside the retail release this holiday season. Cool beans! 

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