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More video game songs to listen to while working out

8/1/12 8:00am

Just scroll down and listen if you're a bit too lazy...

 Working out can be tough if you don’t have the right music to cheer you on. So, this being ScrewAttack, consider this my part two in the best video game songs to listen to while working out. A few of these were recommended by your fellow g1s, and I gotta say, they know exactly how to keep themselves pumped up while they’re getting their Little Mac on. So, in no particular order, here are more tunes to keep you satisfied during your workouts.

Cammy’s Theme – Super Street Fighter 4

I tend to turn this particular song up when I’m at the punching bag. It also works while jogging or just lifting weights. The techno vibe that’s present in the background definitely gets the juices flowing, while the electric guitar just sounds incredible while working out, especially during the chorus. It’s a fairly intense theme that’s also just a lot of fun to listen to whenever you’ve got some down time. The fact that this is from the greatest fighting franchise of all time is also a plus in my book.

Cornered (Rock Version) – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I’m going to be honest with you guys; I’ve never played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. However, I’m very familiar with the music from this game, and the rock version of the piece “Cornered” is an incredible song to listen to whenever you’re doing anything involving movement or physical activity. By adding more instruments including the drums as well as the electric guitar, “Cornered” takes on an incredibly epic vibe. According to a few friends who actually have played the game (again, I’m sorry for being negligent and not buying it) this theme only played during the most intense part of each case. The top comment on one of the YouTube videos featuring this song states, “This is the ‘I’VE GOT YOU, AND YOU’RE GOING THE F*** DOWN IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO’ theme.”

Juri’s Theme – Super Street Fighter 4

Much like “Cammy’s Theme” from the same game, I crank this up to 11 whenever I’m at the punching bag…or pretty much doing anything physical. It’s definitely a bit more malicious sounding (hinted at back the screams in the background every once and a while) but this song has an intense beat after about thirteen seconds. It slows down a bit about a third of the way through, but then picks back up and repeats. The chorus is also wonderfully done, making everything faster and more epic as a result. Like “Cammy’ Theme,” it has a techno vibe, but anyone who knows Street Fighter 4 will know exactly how to get pumped once they hear this.

Mortal Kombat Theme – Mortal Kombat 

I don’t think I need to explain why this song is fantastic to get pumped up to. If a guy screaming “MORTAL KOMBAT!” in your ear as your working out doesn’t help you work out then…well, there’s probably something wrong with you. The “Mortal Kombat Theme” has an awesome beat and, at times, will even reward you after doing a rep by saying, “EXCELLENT…” How awesome is that? I especially like how this song builds up to the chorus; it just keeps building and building until that classic techno theme makes you break personal records. Excellent!

Alexandrite – BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Sure it gets a bit slow here and there, but when Makoto’s Theme goes all out, it truly goes all out. As with most of these entries, the electric guitar provides an awesome theme with a ton of instruments going nuts during the chorus. You can work out any way you want with this heroic theme cheering you on nearly every step of the way. The top two comments on this video are as follows, “i so wanna work out in the gym to this song XDD.” “No kidding! I actually use it for workout LOL.” It’s incredibly intense and the fact that it actually ends is saddening…which is why I tend to loop it nonstop on my iPod. Thank you technology! Oh, and thank you BlazBlue!

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