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I’m just remembering about those horror B movies, full of gory stuff and those John Carpenter’s movies, Stephen King’s novels that inspired great number of truly scary movies and also the Giger’s bizarre masterpieces. At last, of course mentioning some of the most inspiring games, such Resident Evil, pioneer of the survival horror genre or Silent Hill, brought to us some of the most horrifying creature, Alone in the Dark, it was one of the first 3D horror games, and also, I’ve to mention the Sierra adventure horror games in the 90’s.

This is a partial modification of a previous blog posted by me, especially due to the halloween approaching.

Lt. Muldoon

from Planet Terror

bruce infeted

Along with Death Proof, this movie belongs to the project Grindhouse, with direction and production of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Guess what; both are absolutely crazy, I enjoyed Death Proof more, Kurt Russel done it perfectly. Out of it, I'm here to talk about the Planet Terror’s deformed creatures which were attacked by a hazardous gas. Between the people who were attacked by the gas it’s Tenant Muldoon, played by Bruce Willis, slowly can be seen little marks on his face, to then he definitely becomes a horrifying disgusting big amount of deformed mass.     Planet Terror is infested with mutated human beings, another character is played by Tarantino in one of the most repulsive scenes of all time, his balls are falling down as he walks toward to the girl to rape her, gross! I just can't found a pic with his balls, it's really too gross!  






from Hellbound: Hellraiser II


I like so much the Hellraiser movies, there are so many of them, close to a dozen, I prefer the second movie Hellbound: Hellraiser II, explores more the feeling of pure fear and pain, shows truly horrifying scenes from the other dimension. Thus, it remains one advise don’t you play with the magical cube, it opens a wall to the other dimension, where creatures are desiring to give you pain. These creatures are Cenobites, they already had been human beings, now, they are truly damn horrifying creatures, mutilated and in constant pain, they feel pleasure with pain, they even wear leather clothes and horrid piercings, to highlight more the sadomasochit allusions.          





from Dead Space

dead space

I got to tell you that I never played this game. Yes, shame on me! But what I’ve seen about the game was purely terrifying and repugnant. I don’t know too much of it, as much as I know the Necromorphs are mutated humans due to a hostile alien virus in their bodies. The protagonist of the game has to survive within a spaceship infested with these creepy creatures.





from Doom 3


Here it is one absolutely frightening FPS game, just by looking at the cover of the game can be seen one horrifying creature. With this third Doom’s title, the monsters gained more definition thru the powerful id Tech 4 engine. In the middle of nowhere you’re facing the scariest demons and possessed humans. I picked Mancubus, who I consider to be the most disgusting of all, just look at his head, too repulsive with, I don’t know, two tentacles and with two canyons attached to his arms. There are so much more of this kind of ugly creatures in Doom series.




Possessed people

from Evil Dead


A huge classic B movie, really  gory stuff, it was subject of censorship in some countries which some content of the original movie was forbidden. A group of young people goes to a house in the middle of the woods and in it strange things will be happening. Beyond the ghost and demons allegories, this movie focus the very explicit gory and disgusting scenes with a very subtle humor sense.  

evil dead2

The young men found some items in the house which unleashed the spirits, later the young people will be transformed into very ugly frightening and disgusting creatures, starved for human flesh.





from God of War 2


From God of War series, Kratos has to confront the most feared mythological creatures, including this terrifying huge goddess ranked as the ugliest chick according to the ScrewAttack’s Top 10 ugly chics in games. Her name is Clotho, she’s one of the Three Sisters of Fate, they were all killed by Kratos. The last to be defeated is this giant fat ugly female with her breast uncovered. Waiting for someone who possibly bang her! Too gross only of thinking that.




Mother Brain

from Super Metroid


Talking of ugly chics, continuing with the ScrewAttack’s Top 10 ugly chicks in games, that list is full of disgusting females, but one note to the Mother Brain of the Capitain N series, I never saw it. I’m going to talk of Mother Brain in Super Metroid, for sure, you know more than me about that game; I played it only for a while, but this chick causes me nauseous when she pukes at Samus. Not classified as horror game, but it's really scary due to its creepy environment, soundtrack and monsters.





from Manhunt


Neither an alien thing nor possessed by a demon, this guy frights me as hell, an ugly fat psychopath wearing a pig costume, he reminds me one of those maniac serial killers from several horror movies, but besides of being a hell frightening man, just by the name, Piggsy is really disgusting, himself believes to be a pig, definitively he is a horrendous fat pig, in all meanings. Manhunt a Rockstar game, yes another controversial game, goes beyond all other company’s titles in explicit violence, the point of all game it’s sort of reality show of horror involving assassinations, too cruel for minor audiences.





from Predator


I was a kid when I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and his crew in a South American forest chasing a strange creature. I was really scared at the time when is seen one invisible thing killing a bunch of tough guys, even more when Predator is without the camouflage, but later, then I kind of found it cool. That's not all, under the Predator's shell, he is really horrible, geez almost poop my pants! A big ugly alien, but Schwarzenegger fought against Predator with his bare hands!





from Alien


I wouldn’t mention Predator, in a related list with horrifying creatures, without talking of Alien. This creepy biped extraterrestrial creature, further than its very abnormal anatomy which is completely horrifying, it has another little mouth inside its mouth, that’s totally horrifying and disgusting! Its blood it’s slimy and extremely corrosive. Another frightening Alien’s feature is that they pick some humans as hosts to generating another creature and later when the incubation is done, they break the host's chest. It’s easily recognizable the association with Giger’s art.





from Resident Evil series


Remember when, at the Raccon City Police Station, worried about what to do next and something bothers us on the floor and then appears, in one cutscene, one sticky creature before your eyes, I would say looking at you but it doesn’t have eyes, while shows his long and slimy tongue. This creature also has its brain exposed and has no skin, imagine this agile pursuing you, or even better, imagine some of them at the same time.




The thing

from The Thing


A John Carpenter’s movie, with no success at the time of its release, but now it's one huge cult movie and I must tell the Thing in this movie is extremely horrible. Everything seemed quiet on the distant Antarctic, besides one stupid guy in the helicopter trying to shoot one dog. But something disgusting is about to happening, doesn’t came out of my mind the grotesque scene of the dog turning into a horrifying creature. Just can be described by words that horrendous Thing! It's simply out of this world, it’s the worst nightmare ever drawn.





from Braindead (Dead Alive)


Got to finish this list with one of the first movies of Peter Jackson, I saw this movie after, long after the Lord of The Rings trilogy. I went like WTF! Everything in this movie it’s completely disgusting, flesh and blood everywhere, just gives us the will to puke a ton. I say it seriously.

Too disgusting to show any footage..


have a nice halloween folks!!!

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