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Muigi's Top 10 Characters That I Hope Return For SSB4

12/12/13 2:30pm

Ah, Smash Brothers. It's always exciting when a new game in the series is announced! 
If you're like me, then you'll be on the edge of your seat, practically praying to Master Hand himself, until your absolute favorite character is scheduled for a return.
I've seen a lot of lists on what newcomers fan's would like to see, but I have yet to see a list about what veterans people would like to return for another smash-tastic round!
Without further ado, here is my list of Top 10 characters that I think should come back for another exciting game!

10. Ice Climbers ( Ice Climber )

Now, I know a lot of people could easily go without these two cuddly looking eskimos, but I for one, wouldn't mind them returning to the roster.
These two have always interested me. You, playing as one of the climbers, would do battle, smashing it up and whatnot, but behind you is an AI fighter, copying your every move. Very fun game mechanic, I say!
Sakurai has stated that he would like more representatives of the classic Nintendo days, and Ice Climbers already meet that criteria! Let's just hope they don't intend on replacing them with another character from Nintendo's past.
Very interesting character, indeed.





9. Captain Falcon ( F-Zero )

Enough said.





8. King Dedede ( Kirby )

Clocking in at #8, the (self-proclaimed) king of Dream Land himself!
King Dedede is the lovable, hammer-swinging penguin that we all know and love. He might be a bit dimwitted, but watch out! He really packs a punch!
He was a newcomer in Brawl, being voiced by none other than Sakurai himself. Perhaps this will increase his chances of returning?
I've always loved the big guy. He's definitely in my top 10 characters.
I actually almost expect him to be in the new Smash Bros.





7. Ganondorf ( Legend of Zelda )

The king of all evil, and one of the most intimidating looking characters in Smash history, Ganondorf!
The power hungry Gerudo is an excellent edition to the roster, being the antagonist in one of Nintendo's biggest franchises and all! Ah, I do love me some villain characters.
Hopefully, if he is in Smash Bros. 4, he'll have a few changes.
A few changes in his moveset would be favorable. I am a fan of his Warlock Punch, but never have I seen him use it in any LoZ game, the same goes for his other special moves as well.
Maybe they'll give him his sword! That definitely has the potential to make his moveset much more diverse!
Ganondorf is one of the most obvious choices for a returning veteran, since there has always been a less-than-satisfying amount of playable villains in the series.




6. Pokemon Trainer ( Pokemon )

I love this character. The three-characters-in-one idea is so cool! You can switch out anytime you want, which is a huge advantage!
What's that? Your damage percentage is a bit high? Switch to Charizard, he's hard to knock around! Genius.
Now, I know what you're all thinking. If Pokemon Trainer were to return, it'd probably be a new trainer with different Pokemon. And you're right! To be honest, I wouldn't mind whether they chose this Kanto trainer or a new trainer! I love Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard, but I also wouldn't mind playing as any other set of starters!
I'd be happy either way.


With same Pokemon: 5.5/10
With new Pokemon: 7.5/10



5. Ike ( Fire Emblem )


What else is there to say about Ike that hasn't already been said? He's powerful, he's handsome, and (most importantly) he fights for his friends!
And if that isn't enough, the dude is wielding a two-handed sword.
But unfortunately, the chance of a newer character (coughcoughChromcoughcough) replacing our friend is very likely.




4. Lucario ( Pokemon )

Everyone's favorite aura-wielding jackal-like Pokemon made a surprising appearance in Brawl, but are his chances of returning all that great?
In a short answer, no. Lucario was put in Brawl because he was relatively new at the time, and even had his own movie!
He was basically put in because of his giant popularity factor, which is still strong today, though not nearly as strong as it was back in 2008.
I do love Lucario, I really do, but his return just isn't all that likely.
Many people were upset by his placement on the roster because he is considered a "replacement" of a certain Legendary Pokemon. But we'll get to that later.





3. R.O.B. ( NES Peripheral )


I don't think anyone expected this.
R.O.B. is definitely one of the most interesting additions to the Smash universe, and I'll be darned if he wasn't fun to play as as well. He's considered a "gag character" by some, but I see him as a very cool addition. I mean, he isn't even a video game character! He's something from real life! Do you realize what this means!? 

The chances of more peripherals joining the fray is a whole lot more likely! Who wouldn't want to play as the Nintendo Zapper!? And the Power Glove would make an excellent and much-needed villain character!



2. Falco Lombardi ( Star Fox )

Okay, let me start off by saying, Falco is my favorite character.
In my opinion, he's superior to Fox by a long shot. But, if I have one complaint, it's that he's too much like Fox.
Sure, they did give them quite a few differences in Brawl, but the specials and final smashes need more differences.
Okay, the Fire Fox/Fire Bird and the Fox Illusion/Falco Phantasm specials have a tiny amount of small differences, but when it all comes down to it, they're the same move. 
That's actually a reason why I really hope Falco returns. I want them to find a nice, unique moveset for my feathered friend here. I get that there might not be a lot to work on, since in their games, they're usually in an Arwing or Landmaster, but there has to be something you can use for Falco to ascend for recovery.
Speaking of Landmasters, I think that giving them the same final smash (again, with few minor differences) was just lazy. It could have been so much more! Think about it, how cool would it be for Falco to call up his Arwing, zipping around the stage, shooting lasers and whatnot. Maybe even a cinematic final smash, like Captain Falcon's? I admit the specials are hard to come up with, but there were so many possibilities for Falco's own final smash.
I think Falco has a good chance of returning, due to the fact that Wolf will most likely be cut. I mean, cutting two characters for a franchise as big as Star Fox would be pretty risky.



1. Mewtwo ( Pokemon )

Ah, Mewtwo. 
Pretty much the only character that wasn't in Brawl that is on this list, Mewtwo tops my list quite easily.
Partly because of when I was a kid, I was really into Pokemon. So naturally, as soon as I unlocked one the most powerful Pokemon in existence, I played as it all the time. Every. Single. Time. He wasn't all that special of a character, but I beat my friends almost every time we played.
Mewtwo was my main character in Melee, so I was rather upset when I heard that he wouldn't be returning for the Wii installment. 
But, in all honesty, Mewtwo would not be nearly as high on this list if it weren't for one thing: The new Mega Evolutions.
This makes the possibilities with this character increase tenfold! As a final smash or just as a character itself, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y in the upcoming title.
It would be foolish to not bring back Mewtwo. Get on it, Sakurai.





This has been Muigi's first Top 10!
Agree or disagree with my list? Leave a comment!
Tell me who YOU want to see return!


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