The Mushroom Kingdom Analyst: Super Mario Bros. 2 was NOT A DREAM!

Posted on March 17, 2012 - 7:30pm by Gaijin Goombah

Editor's Note: So, it's not a dream? You lied to me Nintendo!  

I've gotten a lot of complements over my analysis of Bowser, and how he very well may be the best video game villain in existence.  Well, it's been a while since I've analyzed anything Mario/Non-Japanese, so I'll start a regular blog analyzing aspects of Mario games.

This.  This right here.  This is what makes me call into question if the adventure Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach was all just a dream or not...

According to this screen, "To his (Mario's) surprise, he saw EXACTLY what he saw in his dream."  When the game is complete, we see that Mario was dreaming about the adventure, and we all assumed the whole thing really was actually just a dream. 

But how defined is that assumption?  What if the entire dream sequence we just played was what the introduction was talking about?  What if the dream it was talking about was the dream (gameplay) that we just finished?  Who's to say that Mario didn't wake up the next morning and did EXACTLY what the player just did in the dream sequence?  IN THEORY, (I see you there Matt), this game was not a dream at all, but a premonition of what was to come within the canon of the story.

Evidence: Subcon Baddies in the Mushroom Kingdom

We all know that a lot of characters from Super Mario 2 currently exist within the Mario canon.  Shyguys, Bob-ombs, Snifits, and Pokeys are everywhere in Mario games nowadays.  If Mario 2 was just a dream, and not a premonition of the future that we DIDN'T play though, how could these baddies exist?  And I'm not talking about alternate Mario canon either, they seem to be in a LOT of the mainstream stuff.

Evidence: Peach's Fighting Ability in Smash Bros.

This evidence is far weaker because it remains inconsistent, but I submit this to you anyway.

In both Brawl and Melee, Peach uses two abilities that she had in Super Mario Bros. 2.  Her ability to float and the use of vegetables as projectile weapons.  I understand that Brawl has it's own canon, but does Melee?  Again, as I said before, it's a weak argument, but it may be decent evidence if the Smash Bros. universe shares canon with the standard Super Mario universe.

Evidence: Subcon was really Sarasaland?

Why couldn't it be?  I understand there are a lot of baddies that differ between the two worlds, but who's to say they couldn't co-exist just present in different games?  Both of the worlds contain Middle East architecture and geography.  It's a long shot, but I really think there might be evidence that both lands are one in the same.

Well, anyway, that's my little analysis over Super Mario 2.  I personally believe it was not a dream.  While my evidence may seem a tad flimsy, I'm a Mario fanboy tall and proud, and it's my job as one to believe such craziness.


What do YOU think?


I'm Gaijin Goomba your Mushroom Kingdom Analyst, and thanks for reading !

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