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Posted on July 28, 2012 - 1:49am by Gaarathedancingpanda


Indie dance punk? Consisting of only a keyboardist and a drummer? What the hell would that sound like? The correct answer is "Awesome".

Matt & Kim (or Matt and Kim), as described above, is an Indie Dance Punk band consisting of musicians/couple Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino known for their catchy melodies, "let's just have fun" attitude, and energetic performances. After debuting in 2005, Matt & Kim have released 3 albums, gained considerable success, and become prominent in the "Do-It-Yourself" music scene.

The band released an EP called To/From in 2005 while still unsigned. Some tracks were remade on their first album, but I felt I should mention this for it's superior (in my opinion) version of "5K", and the insane video that went along with it (which was actually banned from US television).


Matt & Kim's debut album was in 2006 with their Self-Titled release on the iheartcomix label. It's notable for Matt's "unique" vocals, lyrics that often seem to make little to no sense, but overall fun sound. The mastering on this album is a bit spotty, but quite a few of it's songs are still enjoyable, even after six years. It's crazy video for "Yea Yeah" also still draws a smile to my face.

Matt & Kim's next album, Grand, was released on the Fader label in 2009, and enjoyed quite a bit of praise, and moderate airplay. It also gave the duo their first real hit, with the song "Daylight", that had became quite a sleeper success. The album also had two videos, for "Daylight" and "Lessons Learned", the latter of which won and MTV Video Music Award for "Breakthrough Video". The lyrics in this album also seem to be quite a bit more coherent.

The duo's latest album, Sidewalks, was released to the Fader label in late 2010. The album contains a more refined feeling than the previous two, but is still upbeat and catchy. The album got mixed to positive reviews, and sold higher than "Grand". It contains some great new songs, and a new verion of the first song the duo ever wrote. The songs in this album also seem to not only be coherent, but more personal, while still being very fun for the most part. Also, I think it worth to mention that when I listen to the album, I get a weird nostalgic feeling, but whatever.

I also feel it worthwhile to mention that since coming out with Sidewalks, they have released two songs. One as a collaboration with Soulja Boy (He only says a few lines) and Andrew W.K. (only one line) for Converse's "Three Artists, One Song" campaign. The video is pretty awesome, and the song is good, despite Soulja Boy, so check it out.

Matt & Kim are also notable for their energetic and party-esque performances. Everything from Kim booty dancing while standing on the crowds hands, to throwing balloons on the crowd to play "keep in the air", and just their regular frantic and energetic playing. But you know, I don't need to explain it, just watch this.

Overall, Matt & Kim (or maybe Matt and Kim) are something fresh. Frantic, fun, a little crazy, but most of all, genuine. It's quite obvious that these two are making music because they love it, and they don't seem to be getting tired of it (as noted by their video diaries and random videos on their youtube account). Also, even if you think their music is just "okay", I highly suggest going to a concert of theirs, as it gives you the full experience (says my brother who isn't a Matt & Kim fan).

P.S. Kim likes to get text messages and voicemails from fans. Her number is (or was last time I checked) 347-762-6350.

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