MW3 update brings new modes

Posted on December 16, 2011 - 5:00pm by Jared

Robert Bowling teased it on his Twitter account earlier this week, and now the new Modern Warfare 3 update is live. 

For those looking for balance updates, it's not here. It does fix an issue with host advantages/disadvantages and overall lag, but not balance to weapons or anything like that.

It does, however, bring in several new game modes for you to play on. They added in new Hardcore Ricochet and Hardcore Headquarters Ricochet. Ricochet is a response to rampant teamkilling in the Hardcore modes, which makes friendly fire kill yourself too.

An all-new mode is called Drop Zone. You get to a certain point on the map and hold it to earn points for the team. Every 15 seconds, an air supply crate drops a killstreak award to the team that has more points for that drop zone. All other killstreak awards are disabled for this mode.

There's also Community Playlists, which posts public versions of some of the more popular private matches players have created. I haven't looked at these, but my favorite self-created mode from Black Ops, Tactical Kinfe and Throwing Knives only, needs to represented. Try it sometime. Totally fun!

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