My Atypical Upbringing as a "Gamer"

Posted on August 10, 2012 - 6:00pm by DigressingNSQ

 Around 5 years back, almost right down to the month, I walked into a local game store that had just barely opened up. Apparently it was one of the franchises that GameStop hadn’t absorbed yet, so I figured I’d give it a look. The nearest GameStop was a good 30-45 minute drive away, and it really wasn’t all that impressive, so I figured this new store would likely be even worse. Hey, but at least it was closer.

I stepped through the doors and almost immediately I marveled at this store’s library. It was nothing like Gamestop. It not only had all of the hot new releases, but it also had everything you could ask for from previous generations. Oh, and the employees didn’t harass you to preorder shit, either. That’s always a plus.

For the 5th fucking time, I don’t want a subscription to Game Informer! This isn’t even a GameStop, we are inside the grocery store across the street!

This new store was, in many ways, the store I always imagined going to when I was a little lad. The mythical and ever illusive, all encompassing definitive “game store”. It had several NESs,SNESs, Powergloves, a 32x, Saturns, Dreamcasts, and goodness knows what else. Oh, and they were all in box, with original documentation intact. That blew my fucking mind.

Since this was a much better time, way before I became a starving art student, I actually had money to spend on things. So, once the employees shook my little body out of its awe-induced coma, I purchased a boxed 32x, as well as a boxed copy of Virtua Fighter. I also picked up an FC Twin and an orange NES Zapper, since I had a gray one and I wanted to hang the two on my wall like a total fucking nerd. 

The cashier was older than me. Easily 25-28, but he seemed like a cool dude. I, myself, was 14 at the time.

“Is that all for you,today?”


“FC Twin, Zapper, 32x... I take it you’re an ‘old school gamer’?”

“Ummm.... Not exclusively. I play plenty of newer games, too. But, the NES and SNES... they’re kind of what I grew up on.”

“Oh, yeah. Me, too.” 

This was the exact moment when I realized how atypical my upbringing was when it came to games, and how odd it must have been for this 20 something year-old guy to see this kid walk in and geek out about a fucking Boxed 32X.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I was badass because I knew what a 32X was... That statement would actually be pretty funny, if you think about it, though. It’s just, when most people picture a 14 year old gamer, they think of this...

Within gaming circles, age tends to play a huge roll in how other people initially view you. If I were to tell you guys right now “I’m 28 and I’m a gamer”, considering the fact that most of the examples I use in my videos tend to sit around 8-16 bit eras, it would be a safe bet to assume that I was most likely one of the many kids who fell in love with that large, gray box called the “NES” in the ‘80s and essentially grew up with it as part of my childhood.

If I were to say “I’m 15 and I’m a gamer”, your mental picture is likely to be different. Perhaps a kid who discovered the joys of the past through emulators. Or, even worse, perhaps a “poser” who just pretends to know what they’re talking about. Or even worse yet, one of those pubescent kids you find on Xbox Live, shouting the word “Fag” as if it’s the new “Marklar”....

Yeah, nobody is going to get that reference....

It is due to the above reasons that I’ve never been a huge fan of talking about my age within gaming communities or forums or what have you. So, in case you haven’t already done the math based on what I said earlier, I turned 19 last March.

If that last sentence didn’t shatter that last bit credibility I had with you, then please, read on. I'll shatter it eventually, I assure you.

While most gamers around my age might look back at something like the Nintendo 64 as their first console (And that’s if they started early), it was actually my 5th.

What was my first console? The Atari 2600. I got it when I was 2. It was so far back in my life that I don’t even remember my Dad getting it for me and playing it with me for hours at a time whenever he came home from work. But there are pics. It happened.

 Sadly, those Polaroids are all boxed up, so enjoy this mockup I made in MS Paint.

 He would then go on to get me an NES, an SNES, and a Genesis before my limbic system was even developed enough to form memories. With the exception of the Atari, I still own those very same consoles. The SNES is Yellowed, the NES’ pins are far past their prime, and the Genesis gave out long ago.

 By the time my little hippocampus was strong enough to do that whole memory formation thing, my library probably sat at around 70-80+ games scattered across those 4 systems. I fondly recall playing games like Millipede, Pitfall, Star Wars Jedi Arena, and E.T on the 2600 (Well, Star Wars and E.T. not so fondly...) On the NES I can recall playing Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, as well as Doctor Mario, Zelda 2, Megaman, and many others.

Some of my fondest memories before the age of 6 come from playing SNES games such as Super Mario RPG, Illusion of Gaia, Super Street Fighter 2, Super Mario All Stars+World, 7th Saga and Genesis games like Lemmings, Dynamite Headdy, Sonic 2 and 3, and Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude.

Judging by the list above, I feel that I was a fairly well-rounded gamer before I even lost my first baby tooth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be like one of those kids you see commenting on classic rock videos on YouTube. Y’know the guys.


Everybody my age played video games, but I always found myself  a bit more fascinated with them than a lot of my peers because they took up a huge chunk of my childhood and the bulk of my earliest memories. As early as grade school, I identified myself as a “Gamer”. I remember “Playing Power Rangers” on the playground with a group of kids in First Grade. Everybody would choose a ranger color and pretend to fight badguys. I somehow managed to get kicked out of the group during one recess. Why? Because I didn’t want to be a Power Ranger... I wanted to be Mega Man(He was the closest gaming analogue I could think of for a Power Ranger... and he had a mothafuckin’ gun for a hand.)

Anyway, I digress (doo hoo hoo! =D) In the Christmas between ‘99 and 2000, I finally got an N64, and a few months later, I would absolutely fall in love with a little game called “Ocarina of Time”, which would go on to help me with my reading, memorization, problem solving, and much later on, with music. 

But that’s a whole ‘nother blog in and of itself... 

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