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Posted on May 14, 2012 - 6:40pm by AgentKane

I fricking love Batman: Arkham City so much that when the rumors came out that Rocksteady was working on a TMNT game, I was sad because I want them to continue working on one of my favorite franchises; Batman. Yes I know many of you love Batman, but I grew up with him. I was so blindly in love with the man that I watch Batman Forever and Batman & Robin a million times... and I am not ashamed about that. I know those movies suck but we all have guilty pleasures. That doesn't mean I won't forgive a crappy Batman story.

Fuck you Kevin Smith (that made Clerks). You made the Bat Credit Card seem sane. Thankfully we have Grant Morrison.

Somehow that is less insane than what Kevin Smith did. Never the less I love Batman. The movies are amazing, I watch all the shows, I of course read the comics and I love the games.

Even before Rocksteady's Batman games, Batman always seem to have fun games. There was Batman on the NES, Batman Returns on the SNES, the game based on Batman the Animated Series games on the SNES and Genesis were hard but fun, and I won't lie, I thought Batman Begins the game was fun for a poor man's Splinter Cell. And of course, we have Rocksteady's Batman games. Arkham Asylum was one of the most fun times I had in a game for the longest time though I had problems with it. For starters the bosses suck, there wasn't a new game plus mode and it wasn't my dream Batman game. I wanted a sandbox game where I was Batman and I went around fighting crime against some awesome villains...oh wait.

The game is everything I wanted in a Batman game. I could run around an open city fighting crime, there were awesome villains like the popular Ra's Al Ghul and the unknown Hush. The new game plus mode allowed me to continue playing this awesome game without deleting my collectables and those boss battles are some of the best in any game. They were easily the highlights the game.

Now given how sales, reviews and the Easter eggs pointing to a sequel,

There will be a sequel. Most likely Batman: Big Ass Arkham World.

Nah, I think it will be based on Batman: No Man's Land. Long story short, Gotham is hit with a deadly plague, a massive earthquake and a huge tsunami. To fix everything, the government does the old fashioned American way of fixing doing jack shit and blocking off Gotham from the world by declaring a No Man's Land.

Now given that Batman Arkham City did everything right, the only thing I want is for everything to be bigger. Including the number of bosses but what bosses do I want in it? Man this was one hell of a long intro just to get to what bosses I want.

A proper Killer Croc fight

In Arkham Asylum, they were hyping this fight since before the game was even released but all it amounted to was throwing a batarangs at him when he starting running at you. It was so boring and so anti-climatic. They need to do justice to him by letting him kick ass. My idea for this fight would be a mix between the freeflow combat of most of the boss batman and a mix of stealth like in the Mr. Freeze fight. Croc can rip men apart so Batman would want to be careful. He already is but I think it would be fun. You stay in the shadows, hiding until the time is right to use your items and laying the smackdown on him....and yes I slapped myself for saying that.

A proper Scarecrow fight

Scarecrow really wasn't a boss in Arkham Asylum but given the Easter eggs pointing to his involvment to the sequel, he will play a even bigger part than his part in Arkham Asylum. How would his play out? I imagine it would play out similar to the Ra's Al Ghul fight in Arkham City. It would be hallucination what with that, a number of things. In Asylum, he was giant in the hallucinations but that is just a suggestion.


You mean to tell me that after collecting 440 of his stupid trophies, all I get to do to him is slightly torture him? Penguin wasn't a boss battle and at least I got to go Fist of the North Star on him. Ah no son, I was revenge! He better return. I mean it was a pain to get all of those trophies but it did give amazing replayability. But at the end, I wanted to hurt him, but I couldn't. Please bring him back Rocksteady and when you do, let me hurt him. I WANT TO BREAK HIS BACK!!!! RIDDLE ME THIS RIDDLER! WHAT IS GREEN AND WILL SOON BE LYING IN A POOL OF HIS OWN BLOOD?


No, this list isn't filled with nothing but villains from the past games. However, one of the promises that Arkham Asylum stated was that the bosses were going to be like Zelda bosses where you needed a special item to defeat that boss but instead, most of the bosses required just the batarang. Now this was worked in Arkham City but it was downplayed. I want this aspect to be bigger and I think Man-Bat would be perfect.


I really can't think of just how this boss would played out other than another item heavy fight and I think they could do some interesting things with this fight like having to get on his back and laying explosives to disable his jetpack and flamethrower.

Lady Shiva/Deathstroke

I put these two together since I think they would have the same boss fight. Instead of strength, these fights focus on speed. In these games, speed is just an important as strength but the fight merely used the speed aspect for dodging attacks. I want it to be the main focus. Constantly countering and dodging blade attacks. The reason I pick two is because Deathstroke would made more sense but I want more attention to lesser villains. Arkham City did make the main villain Hugo Strange so they aren't scared to do this. Also, they have yet to do justice to a female villain after the disappointing Poison Ivy fight in Asylum. Maybe Harley Quinn's Revenge will do that.

Last but certainly not least; PROMETHEUS!

Who the hell is this guy? He's the Anti-Batman! Batman saw his parents murdered in front of him by a criminal. After this he devoted his life to fighting crime. Prometheus saw his parents murdered in front of him by cops. After this he devoted his life to crime. However, Batman went to insane lengths to prefect himself. Prometheus gained his skills by cheating. His helmet contains several fighting stances and weaknesses to both heroes and villains. If he is fighting Superman, he can adjust his helmet to Superman allowing him to gain the upper hand. He single handed defeated the Justice League. If would be the best fight ever in a game because it would be the Mr. Freeze fight on steroids. By the way, he can be defeated. Batman hacked into his helmet giving him the fight stance of a famous person you might have heard of.

Dear Batman, why are you so badass? Love, Everyone.

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