My Florida Story - Prince Mongo

Posted on April 29, 2012 - 4:12pm by JacksonBrothers


Floridian resident is taken to court by neighbourhood for "unsightly" property.

So, last week I was vacationing in Florida from PEI, Canada and I asked the guys on SideScrollers if they had any suggestions of things I could use to protect myself from the locals while there. Craig suggested I use chain mail, while Jared said that a cyanide pill was the best option. They also told me to post anything unusual I spotted while there. You guys asked for it.

This is Prince Mongo, a millionaire, and a family friend. Apparently, he was in the process of building a deck onto his Florida home when his neighbours and the city council confronted him to tell him it was "too high". Mongo agreed to take the deck down, but vowed that he would "ruin this neighbourhood."

So, while in Daytona, my father brought me and my family to see Mongo's property. I guess he fulfilled his promise.

Mongo's yard is now complete with beach sand, ladies' underwear, toilets and various toys, and a bright, rainbow house. His infuriated neighbours (naturally) took him to court for littering and general "code-breaking." Mongo appeared in court while I was in Florida, wearing a blonde wig, a pink blouse, shredded blue shorts, and a designer bag, out of which poked a rubber chicken's head. The good Prince's court case was delayed, for now, because the Judge deemed the allegations against him as "too vague."

WELL. How's that, guys?  This state is INSANE. Good to be home now, though.

P.S. You can find out more about... this guy... by Googling "Prince Mongo."

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