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Posted on October 8, 2013 - 2:40pm by Darkone4587


"Welcome to a Blog post no one will ever read"

So I've done a Blog post based on Ash's past traveling companions and along the way I thought of other ways to improve the anime overall. Now this would normally be a video but, I'm in the middle of a tie in special and by the time I finish the anime will have already have premiered (in Japan, even I'm not that slow for the US anime). On top of that I'm sure Youtube wouldn't let the video up anyway because copyright. So without further to do let's start this.


1. Development for Ash's traveling companions

So I've done a blog post on Ash's past companions, their roles hoping  to get a vibe for the direction that their going for with Ash's new companions, but I still have to say I hope these new companions are developed more than Iris and Cilan. As I said before in that blog post Iris and Cilan were given the shaft in terms of character development with Iris having the most out of the pair but still not really given all that much. Cilan was worse as he practically lacked a personality outside his various quirks (his brother a side character has 10 times the personality he did). With these new characters I hope they don't forget to give them character.


2. Less Team Rocket involvement

Now Team Rocket have been my favorite characters in the anime for a long time, but even I can admit that for a long time now they've been a complete joke only existing to fill the role of episode by episode antagonist and only there as a plot point necessity is some episodes. One thing I enjoyed about the BW anime was the fact that Team Rocket had sporadic appearances only appearing in a few episodes with a big major plan not their standard steal the item of the week plot. With them returning to their standards in the XY anime my only hope for them is to go back to being legitimate threats not just a joke.


3. Less CotD Episodes/Break the Formula

The first in a long line of CotD characters

A CotD or Character of the Day (also known as COD) are characters that only show up once, are important to the plot (if the episodes not all about them) and have no other appearances in the entire anime. Now I'm excluding characters who show up in later episodes such as a number of the rival characters in the BW episodes. I'm also adding in the series episodeodic formula which goes; ash and friends meet a new character or Pokemon with a problem, team rocket shows up tries to steal something, they blast off, and the day is saved and the problem is solved. This is especially apparent in the later BW episodes, the Decolora Adventures (or as I call it the filler islands episodes). I really hope that they can break this formula and possibly keep the episodes fresh,


4. The return of older characters

Never thought we'd see you again

So yeah this is one I would've never thought of if not for the anime referencing the older series in the newer episodes (ex. Clair, Charizard's return, and the Butterfree episode). So yeah nuff said on this one.


5. Better Battle Animation

So for those of you who like myself have been watching the watching the anime since the late 90's I can say this is one that they have improved on and looks like it'll be improved further with a more dynamic camera and dare a say a cinematic view. So keep it up guys.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So that's what I hope will change for the new upcoming anime, what do you hope for the new anime and what do you think about it so far leave it in the comments bellow.

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