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My knockoff Pokémon cards

5/24/12 11:09pm

  About two years ago, I went to Sicily, Italy with my family. On the streets there were guys selling all sorts of things, I picked these up for pretty cheap. I thought they were hilarious, and wanted to share them with all you guys. Here are some of my favoirte.

 photo 3 copy 2

The box that they came in


photo 4 copy

photo 4

photo 5

It evovles from Butterfree right? 

photo 3

Guess they forgot the name.

photo 5 copy

photo 3 copy

photo 2

It looks like it evolved from a clip art of a frog haha.

photo 2 copy

photo 2 copy 3

Angry Ball! 

photo 1 copy

photo 1 copy 2

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