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My latest video game mix will pledge 50% of its earnings to the SGC Kickstarter!

8/21/12 10:00am

Editor's Note: I've added the embed code for the track so you can get a sample. Thanks Carf for the support!

Hi g1'z!

My latest crazy video game mix (100% original sounds, but as it contains multiple songs I like to call it a mix) is on Bandcamp! This uber crazy track goes on for 10 full minutes and segways from oldschool fighters to DDR style to come back with a Megaman stylish transfer to be warped to Castlevania and back to the roots of the song. Check it out for yourself!

As this is my very first song that I have on Bandcamp I offer 50% of the earnings to ScrewAttack's wonderful con, SGC! Keep up the creativity and game on!


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