My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Interview with creator (Lauren Faust)

Posted on September 19, 2011 - 1:09am by Walatas


I did not conduct the interview, but equestriadaily did. Just a brief overview of it and link to the whole thing.

 Lauren Faust: creator of Power Puff Girls, Fosters home for Imaginary friends, and My Little Pony: Friend ship is magic.

This interview is made up of 32 questions, and it shows us how Lauren pitched the idea to acctualley creating  the show. Its pretty cool and talks about her influences and helps through out the project.

YES  she does talk about us Bronys :D  and how she feels about the whole thing . Saying  such things as:

"I couldn’t believe how the fandom was spreading- or the amazing creativity that was coming out of it! It was just such a FASCINATING turn of events, and I was simply riveted."

Also talks about some of the challenges working on the project:

One of the challenges ".... was meeting the perceived needs of our young target demographic."

thats just a few things I picked out that caught my interest , heres the whole thing: ;

Hey ! Make sure to check out the first episode of season 2 while your at it!


G1- Walatas signing out ;)

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