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Posted on March 23, 2012 - 10:00am by Chaos15


The ScrewAttack crew as ponies..... at least the concept art. I f you can call it that. Leave your opinions, recomedention, etc. I'm not sure if the designs are final. (But they probably are)

 Ok you guys probably already saw this one back in the SideScrollers Episodes. If not, then how dare you miss a SideScrollers Episode?

Earth Ponies have more stamina than the Pegasi and Unicorns (at least in the fandom). Craig likes sports, you make the math. The ScrewAttack cutie mark and color should be obvious.

Pegasus are often associated with mailing and deliveries so I made Chad a Pegasus and gave him a Shipping Cutie Mark for future jokes that probably half of you already figure out. And I know that his color scheme is similar to Big Mac’s.

And to complete the MLP rule of 3, I made Jared a Unicorn. Guess why he is grey and you win an Internet muffin. Also a pen for a Cutie Mark.

Now for the rest of the crew

First we have the rest of the earth ponies. After watching the episode “It’s About Time” and seeing Future Twilight aka Solid Sparkle,


(Don't you just love references?) I had to draw Ben in a "pony"-fied Metal Gear Ben attire. He gets the video editing/director Cutie Mark and made him blue because he is a Sonic fanboy.

Bryan’s cutie mark is a reference to this video. If you can’t tell it’s Dhalsim’s Face paint. I gave him Big Mac’s hooves just to add a little variety. I’m not sure why I chose that color.

Next the unicorns. I made Nick a unicorn because of jokes opportunity. Someone with the reputation of breaking everything he touches, now has unlimited magic at his disposal. He will probably end up breaking the fabric of time or something like that. Cutie mark is the biohazard symbol. And green… because is not easy being green?

Sean…. Why did I make him purple? Well he is a purple unicorn so he is the closest to the best pony *cough* Twilight *cough*. He was born with a beard so is safe to assume that if he was a pony he would have been born with a cutie mark that was also a beard.

Next, Lauren. Made her a Pegasus because we needed another Pegasus. Her color scheme is based after Daisy and I don’t think I got the hair color right. Her Cutie Mark is a reference to the “Best Ever: Love Story”. Apparently Doge ball champion is a real thing. Also she gets extra points for best pony for having the same name as the best human. (Hint: It begins with Lauren and it ends in Faust)

Finally Sam. I made him a dragon because he is the merch bitch and Spike is Twilight bitch/assistant. And after last episode I kinda wish I gave him a better design. Yes I pretty much ruined the “MLP rule of 3” with him so I gave him wings to balance that. I don't think this is the final design,  just an idea. Added a vest because otherwise it looks really weird.

And now for shit and giggles, the guy/pony behind this completely nonsensical idea.

 I ask myself the same question pony me. I ask myself the same question

So any suggestion, comments, opinion or changes you think I should make. 

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