My Rant on League of Legends Garena

Posted on June 14, 2012 - 10:19am by NemesisTrestkon


 LoL Garena kind of sucks. It's got no Dominion even though Singapore and Taiwan already have it since December. 

 With Diablo 3 maintenance happen a bit more frequently than I would have liked, I decided to try out a game which Drath recommended around a year ago: League of Legends. Now, MOBAs were not exactly my cup of tea to begin with for one reason: I tend to get confused with what kind of items to buy at the right time, when to jungle or just stick to laning, etc. Regardless, I had a lot of fun with this game, way more fun than I ever had with Dota 2 as LoL had given me way more incentive to play. In case you are wondering, when I started out in LoL, I gave Ashe a try since from what I heard from other players at the time, she is a great champion to start with. After I gave Ashe a test and tried to learn a bit of what skills to unlock and upgrade in order along with what items to buy for her, I tried out a different champion, which was Morgana and she became my absolute favorite champion. It was through her that I was almost granted a sure victory at almost every match I been through. Then again, I only fought against bots on Intermediate difficulty so I am not sure how I would fare out in a real match.


While I had a ton of fun with League of Legends, there was one thing about that game that prevented me from being fully commited to play.


One word: GARENA!

What is Garena, you say? Well, it's an online gaming platform that was one of the best alternatives to playing games on LAN like Warcraft 3 and it's ever so popular custom map, Defense of the Ancients. Two years ago, Garena has also been a provider for games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth so that it can be played in countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Garena's service to the gaming community, based on my experience with it, is pretty good. Not excellent but good.

What's my problem with Garena? Well, here's the thing: with Garena having exclusive rights to League of Legends in SEA, that means there is no way to play with others internationally for one. Ironic to think that their fucking slogan is "Connecting World Gamers" when it's more like "Connecting (insert Asian Southeast Asian country here) Gamers"

What I find insanely iffy is the fact that the Dominion update hasn't come out yet in the Philippines, and Singapore and Malaysia had already access to them since December of last year. Hell, even the Philippine site fucking hyped it up back in August through the Dominion trailer.

It's been almost a year and the only updates I have seen thus far are just the usual balancing patches, rotations, new characters and promotional sales. I have been checking the forums where people are asking why hasn't our country had Dominion yet only to be responded with insults and mockery.

I have seen my share of people play Dominion on Youtube, where some people like it and some people don't. Do you g1s think that we aren't missing out on anything?

Other than that, I think I had quite a blast with League of Legends, regardless of the flaws Garena has treated with this game. In the end, all I want to do in this game is learn how to pwn others in Summoner's Rift without any worries about lag and League of Legends Garena version has at the very least given me that much.  And if there are any contests, I can actually win real prizes there in comparison to international games. And the Philippine community is a little decent, though I have heard that our LoL community is similar to the common stereotypes of LoL players elsewhere where they would BM you if you didn't follow the metagame right.   Still, if I were to pay more money just to make the Philippine League of Legends have the same content and the North American version, I would do so gladly.

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