My SGC Promise- A 100 g1 Ponies

Posted on August 26, 2012 - 7:01pm by Chaos15


Hell yeah SGC! Guy that was awesome. I'll admit I had my doubts at some point but we made it! I can safely say this is my second favorite community.... I guess you already know which one is the other one.... but I digress.

Anyways,  just like pony me said. Leave the description of your pony  bellow. But I really appreciated it if your pony was not one of those ponies everyone hates.  You know, the ones that are part everything with more colors on their mane than Rainbow Dash. Also I'm not sure about Alicorn OCs.

This all the info I'll need:

Gender, colors,  eye color, hair style, length and style of the tail,  height, cutie mark, clothing and accessories (if it has them), species (Earth pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Sea pony, etc), and anything else you can think of (Name if optional). If you have a picture of your OC just leave the link.

I don't know how long this is goin to take but Pinkie Pie would kill me if I broke a Pinkie Promise. We all know what happen last time somepony  broke one of those. *shivers*

Also SGC logo ponyfication!

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