My theory as to why The Joker isn't dead in Batman Arkham City

Posted on October 17, 2012 - 8:15pm by Kaibaman41

Greetings fellow g1s! Kaibaman41 here with a blog bout theories, but something within Batman Arkham City is if you havn't by now most of us know is that at the end of Batman Arkham City is our favorite Clown Prince of Crime The Joker dies in his final battle with Batman when using Clayface to use the old fake Joker gag on Batman to fool the caped crusader throughout the game and gamers alike! But what if just what if The Joker faked his death in his "Final Battle" with The Dark Knight!? Well batfans put on your cowls and detective caps thinking its time for a Game Theory!.....sorry I couldn't resist ending that in a similar vein to Game Theory. But first..TIME FOR BACKSTORY!(Linkara Reference!)


Anyway as we all know The Joker died from The Titan Formula which was created by Dr.Young in Arkham Asylum with the not cooperative help from Bane,at the end of the game The Joker uses the forumla to help fight against Batman hoping to kill Bats once and for all! However this caused Joker to transform into a huge monster and although Batman stops him and returning to normal size one would assume Mr.J wouldn't suffer any different Bane would,after all the blue prints of Titan comes from Bane(which Bane despices to no end) however jumpstart one year after the events of Akham Asylum we see Joker in a degenerative state his blood poisoned from the Titan Formula and needs a cure to save his life which ironically needs the help of Ra's Al Ghul and Batman along with Victor Freeze. However Joker not only poisons Batman with his blood but also Poisons Gotham with his own blood. When Batman fights Joker at a movie theater with Clayface, their happens to be a Lazerus Pit(sorry if I misspelled that) in this particular theater in Arkham City and when Batman finishes Clayface off and after Batman taking some of the cure, Batman not only destroys a machine connected to the Lazerus Pit but Clayface not only falls in but Bats gets blown back some and knocked out due to the explosion! When Bats awakes to find the cure in the opposit hand he hand it in but Joker weirdly stabs Batman in the shoulder and falls to the ground. After one final conversation of Batman making a joke,Joker laughs and dies with a smile on his face.


However! if you play the story dlc Harley Quinns Revenge if you go to Jokers room of operations in The Steel Mill as Robin(I think you have to enter this room mandatory not sure) you'll hear a Radio broadcast from Vicki Vale talking to Gordon which near the end saying Jokers Body disapeared from The Mourge(sorry if I misspelled that!)


As you might have guessed you understand most of my theory comes from,but it doesn't end their. When Batman hunts down Talia and Ra's in the sewers. Batman starts to slowly die and almost dies if it wasn't for seeing a hallusination of the gates of haven and his parents to come to them, Bruce is poisoned by Jokers tainted blood for not a very long amount of time and almost died....Joker has been with this dieseas for a year and should have died long before the game started but didn't till the endgame!


Also did people buying the game found it weird Rocksteady had a mini catalog or two showing not just Arkham City goods to buy but also having some stuff regarding the New 52 Comic reboot! The game came out October 18th 2011 and then the New 52 started August 31st of the same year! And before the game came out if I'm not mistaken The Jokers face was cut off by a new villain called Dollmaker which we thought was killed off but little did we know The Joker not only survived the brutal attack in Arkham Asylum but it was all planned by Mr.J to not only get to know the new guy in town but also once again outsmart Batman!


Is it possible Rocksteady knew alot of information of the New 52 long before we did!? Absolutely because in both Arkham games we saw elements of alot of Batman Story archs from the comics.


Anyway I hoped you enjoyed this theory of mine and until next time my friends! This is Kaibaman41 and again I hoped you enjoyed this read!

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