My Thoughts: Criticisms from a Bnet User Regarding Diablo III

Posted on July 10, 2012 - 6:44pm by NemesisTrestkon



I've been reading my share of forum posts on the Diablo 3 section of and I found of the few posts out there from a gamer that hits the nail right on the head on what the hell is wrong with this game on so many levels. If Blizzard has whatever common sense they have as a company, they really should take feedback like this into heart  and improve upon the game with future updates: 


 1. Linear terrain and extremely linear gameplay. This is simple; In diablo 2, even the town exits were random (Act I exits could be north some games, east the next, south after that etc..). In diablo 3 for example, act 2, the road ALWAYS points north. The quest locations are FIXED ("Look, more hidden footprints" anyone?). They never change. Way points are absolutely useless. You can't enter a zone unless you're on the specific quest for it. It makes you feel trapped! Not to mention you can't even switch acts in the same game making the world feel very small and linear. This type of design is absolutely game breaking when players are expected to repeat the same content over and over again.

2. Enrage timers. This game is designed to be a DUNGEON CRAWL. It's hard to CRAWL your way through anything when you've got a hot fire burning under your !@# in the form of an enrage timer. This mechanic punishes players who aren't specced as glass cannons or who perhaps are not specced in the most optimal way (aka fun and unique builds). It punish's casual players and most average players who aren't interested in min maxing but just want to have fun. Add on top of this a mounting respawn timer each consecutive death, absolutely punishing and brutal melee combat in inferno, extremely fast regeneration health on mobs and you've got a recipe for disaster of epic proportions. One that leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. Enrage timers we're placed into World of Warcraft because developers didn't want players bringing 20 healers, 3 dps and 2 tanks and just slowly chipping away at the boss. See now the issue here is that in diablo 3, there are NO HEALERS.

3. Itemization. This game's items are boring. They are so reminiscent of WoW's. Main stat + vitality and some resilience. Ilvl x+1 > ilvl x. This was NEVER the case in the diablo genre.

Add on top of that the absolutely broken state of legendaries and well.. "Houston we've got a problem."

Blizzard came up with a million different affixes for mobs but not one of the new items in this game provide any way to counter these new abilities. Not to mention the pathetically low 1% chance to do freeze/stun/fear... 1%? What happened to big numbers? 30%? 40%? I could completely understand a 1% chance in a 15 minute engagement with a raid boss like in world of warcraft but in diablo 3, where you're in and out of combat in under 15 seconds (unless fighting some elite pack) you're never going to see that 1%. You won't even feel it! It might as well not be there.

I also can't believe you cannot equip more than one of the same unique items in this game (2x Soj's anyone?). That is definitely not a diablo aspect, it's more of a WoW thing. It's interesting because in diablo 2 people would build entire builds off just one or two items.. I can't say this is the case in diablo 3. If this game is all about the item hunt and farming... how do you expect people to want to hunt and farm when the items themselves are so bland and boring, not to mention they could have stats on them that are on blizzards next nerf list.

4. Blizzards constant nerfing of farming spots, op builds, vases, jars, magic find, chests etc.. Instead of buffing the area's that are weak to make them more appealing you sucessfully eliminate play styles, builds, and in general - diversity when you constantly nerf what players find to work for them. Wasn't there a saying, "Don't hate, Tolerate?" Well.. All I can say is blizzard, stop hating on how people enjoy playing the game, even if that means smashing vases and have a little tolerance. Stop telling people what is fun and how to have fun because if you continue with that arrogance you're just going to continue bleeding players. It's funny, Jay wislon said; "there is no such thing as to much power in diablo 3"... well I guess he lied didn't he? If you're to powerful, they'll nerf you. If you find a stat you like, they'll nerf it. [Edited] "Even the best items can drop out vases!" - Bashiok. Oh if only it were still true. [Edited]

5. The power relationship is inverted. In diablo 3, you start off feeling really powerful, smashing monsters, destroying hordes, breaking the terrain and heck breaking the game! By late game and early inferno, you just feel like a pathetic fly. The levels feel meaningless and level 60 feels worse than level 10. I feel so much weaker end game with inferno gear than I ever did at the lower levels. I don't feel powerful at all. The iconic image of a barbarian standing up against hundreds of daemons... until they vortex plague arcane molten jail you into place that is. (See: - For more details!)

6. Lack of builds. I feel like this game and most definitely in the later difficulty but even at lower difficulties has a very limited amount of builds a player can use. Especially with things in place such as enrage timers and 1 SHOT KO's. Even if inferno were more balanced and properly tuned, I feel like this game would still lack diversity in all honesty. That might be a personal preference thing of mine and I'm not advocating a skill tree with permanence but... I do think it worked better than what we have now. A respec system could always be introduced to deal with the issues such as "misplacing a skill point or stat point." It was done in LoD. I know, way late but still, it shows you it can be done. It's also important to note that in diablo 2 it was very common to make multiple characters of the same class, in diablo 3, there is no reason to.

7. Hit boxes. The hit boxes in this game are absolutely broken. I know, working as intended. Blizzard doesn't want us dodging attacks with our reaction time and player skill because it's just not "fun." Yea yea, I get it, blizzard has a monopoly on what is "fun" and I'm just an idiot who doesn't know what he's asking for. It's ironic because after all massive hikes in repair costs, bashiok has the nerve to tell people to try and avoid dying. Question.. how does one avoid dying when a mob can kill you while facing 180 degree's the other way from you? We've all seen the video's, the screenshots, i mean heck there is a dedicated thread to this stuff.

Incase you missed the thread on broken hit boxes, here it is;

I don't think I need to say anything more on that.

8. Rediculous repair costs. Yea, I've heard it, just don't die. Well I'm sorry but even without dying, I lose durability for breaking jars that don't drop anything anymore and as a melee player, I HAVE to take damage to deal damage so either way, I LOSE.

9. Game is to quest based. This ties into my previous point about waypoints and how the game feels so linear but this game is way to quest based. Players should be given the option to explore large vast areas without having to meet some quest requirement or be on X quest to get to Y area. Sometimes, we just wanna blow things up and see some monsters die.. not all of us want to listen to Leah talk about how her grandpa is crazy despite the fact that the dead are rising from their graves and a naked black man was found in a crater where a meteor fell.

The list goes on and on. I've listed some of my major complaints and issues I feel are far more game breaking than a player having too much fun farming goblins (nerf them) /bosses (so will add reflect damage) or a player who uses to much attack speed because it actually works in inferno (an environment that has been broken from the start) or nerfing abilities because they evened the playing field out against the broken inferno elite mobs and their affixes (such as critical mass (sorc) serenity (monk) and smokescreen (Demonhunter)). If blizzard spent less time nerfing what players found fun and worth doing and more time fixing some of the things mentioned above and things mentioned by countless others, I would definitely be sticking around and I know countless others would be.

I can't see myself buying any future games from blizzard after the treatment the players have received here by some CM's [edited] and the down right arrogance of the development team who thinks they have the right to tell people what is and isn't fun.

To put it in Jay Wilson's own words;

Jay: Yeah, one of the lessons that we learned in development was people’s memories of Diablo II were way different than the reality of Diablo II. They remember all kinds of stuff that never actually happened in that game.

Yea.. Silly me! I'm sorry jay. All those things I enjoyed about diablo 2, I made them all up. You got me! Those memories I have of the countless hours and fun playing diablo 2 were all made up. You really do get it and I totally understand now why you get to tell me what is fun and how I should be playing the game. It all makes sense.

Ill leave some relavent threads here below that I feel should never be forgotten.

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What I did like about Diablo 3;

1. The graphics are nice. I don't mind them at all as some do, infact I like them :<

2. The combat is very fluid and fun. Despite the lack of diversification amongst players and builds the combat can be fun, depending on what difficulty you are in and what you're fighting.

3. Treasure Goblins, Absolutely love these things even though they've been nerfed to the ground now and got me killed more often than not.

4. Random events are awesome, but the overall linear feel of the gameplay experience, restricted player movement in the world (due to strickt adherence of quest objectives, lack of waypoint movement through acts) and the fixed layout of the overall map completely overshadows their presence.


This is what we are all complaining about. It is ok to quit a game because the pack is too hard, but it isn't ok to die trying to kill it? How the heck does that make sense? Jacking up the repair costs to prohibit player from trying to kill things is an oxymoron to your philosophy...

- In response to the 600% increased repair costs and the "You're going to die in inferno, we promise it" mentality of the game

Edit: Some people have suggested that my post is not constructive and while I realize I do come off very pointed i'm more then willing to offer my "tips" (though they are not "kripp tips") to blizzard as to directions that can be taken to alleviate the issues currently present in the game that I feel are far more ground breaking than an OP build or armor racks that actually drop loot. Secondly, the burden does not lie on me as a player to fix the issues that blizzard created for themselves. I am merely pointing out what has become painfully obvious. As far as humility goes, I was not expecting such a reception to this post, had I, I might not have front loaded it so much.

That being said, the only reason I ever posted this was because I had such high hopes, expectations and desires for this game to succeed that it really is frustrating to find it in it's current state. If I didn't care, I wouldn't have said anything and would have just out right quit without a word. Down the line, if this game makes a turn around then I have no problem returning to it and enjoying what it has to offer. For now, it does not offer what I would consider the aspects of a great RPG

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