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Posted on March 27, 2012 - 6:47am by InAmberClad


Greetings! Welcome to my Top 10 (non-legendary) Pokémon list! I figured I haven’t been doing enough Pokémon stuff lately (sarcasm), so I bring you this list of my favourites! This was actually very tough for me to make because I generally love all Pokémon (with the exception of a few, especially Stunfisk). Also, no, I did not pick goddamn Pikachu! Pikachu is awesome and all, but I like these others more and I feel Pikachu is way overused sometimes. Without further ado, here’s my list!

10. Sneasel

I have no clue why I like Sneasel so much. I usually like Dark-types, but there’s something about Sneasel that I just like it above all the rest. Perhaps because of its cool appearance and great Speed and Attack (for an unevolved Pokémon); but I just don’t know. Anyway, its rather unusual type combination and great stats make it a great addition to a team. And yes, I know Weavile is better than Sneasel, but I like Sneasel more...


9. Skarmory

Skarmory is a sweet Steel-type that looks cool and was rare back in the days of the second and even the third generation. It was quite difficult for me to find it, so I’ve really come to appreciate it, especially after training a couple. Although it doesn’t evolve, it packs enough Defense and Attack to get the job done, along with Steel-type resistances.


8. Metagross

Ah, Metagross! I remember the first time I saw Metagross; it was when I was battling Steven on Ruby and he sent out this hulking beast! O.O It was quite tough to take down, but my Blaziken (just) got the job done. Metagross is one of the two non-Dragon-type pseudo legendaries (the other being Tyranitar), and has very high Attack and Defense stats (with the rest being decent). I really wanted one after battling Steven, but when I first got Beldum (its first form), I was too lazy to train it all the way. Now I have several Metagross, including a shiny one on Black. The only problem I have with them is that Beldum only knows Take Down until it evolves into Metang, so you pretty much have to give it an EXP Share or switch it out to train it.


7. Gardevoir

Gardevoir is one of my favourite Psychic-type Pokémon . You can get its first form, Ralts very early in the third generation and Gardevoir itself is quite useful throughout the game. It has very good Special Attack (as is the case with most Psychic-types) and a pretty good movepool (although not as good as Alakazam) that can be used in a variety of ways. Typically, I train them with high-power Special Attack moves, but they can be good supporters as well. They don’t look to bad either, although having a male Gardevoir is a little awkward because of their feminine appearance. However, like Metagross, Gardevoir’s first form isn’t the best. When you catch Ralts, it only knows Growl until lvl 10 or so when it learns Confusion. Until then, they are quite cumbersome to train, especially at the beginning of the game.


6. Empoleon

I usually bond strongly with my favoured starters because they are awesome and powerful, and Empoleon is no exception. I was very eager to begin my game with the awesome and adorable Piplup, but I had no idea what the end result would be. Empoleon both looks cool and has good and pretty balanced stats. It makes a good mixed attacker, which is the way I train them. Also it is a Steel-type, which was a pleasant surprise, which gives it good resistances and different weaknesses. Empoleon is the only Pokémon I have trained myself to lvl 100 (on Pearl) so far.


5. Blaziken

Blaziken is my second-favourite starter. I began the third generation for the first time with it, and several times after. It is a supremely awesome Pokémon with very good Attack and Special Attack. It is also the original Fire/Fighting starter, a type combination which has been used too much now for starters in my opinion. It learns a variety of intense (and some reckless) moves, including Blaze Kick, Hi Jump Kick, and Brave Bird. Blaziken is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.


4. Scizor

Scizor is one of the coolest Pokémon ever in my opinion. Its sleek red appearance and great Attack, Defense, and Speed make it awesome to have. I loved Scyther before the second generation, and was always trying to catch one. It is so rare that I never found one once on Yellow, and never managed to catch one on Crystal. Scizor was like a cooler and better version of Scyther, so I immediately wanted one. I never did get a Scizor until I beat LeafGreen, and I still have it to this day along with several others. With its Swords Dance and Agility and its Steel-types resistances, Scizor can be a real threat to many opponents.


3. Salamence

Salamence is a very cool Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon. It is also a pseudo legendary and has exceptional Attack, Speed, and Special Attack. After battling Drake (the coolest and toughest Elite Four ever) on Emerald, I immediately sought out Bagon’s location. After a few hours of frustratingly wandering around outside and inside Meteor Falls, I finally found them and caught one. I trained and evolved my Bagon and used my new Salamence in the Battle Frontier. I, of course, still have that Salamence to this day; I migrated it onto Platinum along with my other valued Pokémon from Emerald before I restarted. Salamence has great stats and makes a good “glass canon” and mixed attacker; exactly my kind of Pokémon.


2. Typhlosion

Typhlosion is my favourite starter of all time (not Charizard, although Charizard is damn awesome as well). It looks really badass (except in Black & White and D/P/P because of its derpish face) and has stats to back it up. It’s a solid Fire-type with great Special Attack and Speed, and even Attack if you train it with the right Nature. Like Salamence, it makes a good “glass canon” and mixed attacker. It also is able to learn the two most powerful Fire-type moves, Eruption and Blast Burn. I have many fond memories with Typhlosion. It is the first starter Pokémon I actually got to choose, because before I had Crystal I only had Yellow. I wandered around my most beloved region, the Johto, with it. I guess it was just the right starter at the right time.


And now, the number 1 spot goes to...
1. Dragonite

Dragonite! That’s right. Not Pikachu or Charizard or Mudkipz. Dragonite is undeniably my favourite Pokémon ever. It’s the only pseudo legendary from the first generation and one of the most formidable Pokémon that isn’t a legendary. It is a walking powerhouse with excellent Attack and decent Special Attack and Defenses (unlike Salamence). It looks pretty cool with a somewhat gentle appearance that masks its true power. Who could ever forget how tough Lance was/is for many people (but not all I guess) with all his Dragonites? Dratini was very rare in the first and second generations (although not as much so in the second) and I considered catching one an accomplishment. Dragonite and its previous evolutions were the first Dragon-types I ever saw and introduced me to the powerful (and my favourite) type of Pokémon known as Dragon. I have trained several Dragonites, and they were definitely worth my time. One of the most powerful Pokémon I’ve trained is a lvl 82 Dragonite currently on Platinum.

(Note: I don’t have very many extremely high level Pokémon because I train all of them together at the same time; i.e. I have about 20 Pokémon on Platinum all lvl 77 and I train them one at a time and rotate them AND add to that number of Pokémon.)


Anyway, that is my Top 10 list. Keep in mind that I found it difficult to choose all of them over others (besides Typhlosion and Dragonite). I would like to thank all you who have read my blogs up to this point. Now that I think I’ve gotten a lot of Pokémon stuff outa my system, I will move onto the subject of Halo or Monster Hunter soon. Don't be afraid to drop me your Black/White Friend Code so we can do stuff over wifi sometime.

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