My Top 10 Friendship Killing Games

Posted on September 2, 2013 - 10:00am by LurchenGamer


We all have played these rage inducing classics. Whether it be a competition or co-op, these ten titles have always held a special place in my heart for the discord they create amongst my friends.

So, let me set up the situation for you, g1s. Let's say that you and a buddy are hanging out for the afternoon, and you want to pop in a nice little two player game to kill some time. However, you happen to pick one of "those titles". You immediately begin to destroy your friend in the game (or vice versa), and they get pissed at you after your three minutes straight of gloating. These ten titles that appear on this list might not be the exact "worst of" when it comes to this topic, but let's just say that these titles have caused a fair share of anger amongst my friends. Some quick guidelines and/or warnings before we begin the countdown. First of all, I'm judging these titles on the amount of anger they caused me and my friends for legitimate reasons (i.e. competitiveness), so glitched or broken games will not appear on here. Second of all, you should never actually let games ruin friendships! Even though these titles may have pissed us off, I have never actually lost friends over video games. And finally, make sure to share your rage inducing games in the comments below. This is the LurchenGamer's Top Ten Games That Could Ruin Friendships. So sit back, listen to a relaxing video game soundtrack, and enjoy the list!


Number 10: Any Sports Title

For this example, I'm going to use the popular American Football franchise Madden. Growing up as a kid who loved the sport, Madden was always a game that I played with friends when they were over. Unfortunately, since I played the game so much more than my friends, I got really good at the game. So you can imagine their rage when I'd score yet another touchdown on them to make the score 63-0. I eventually got a taste of my own medicine when I played a kid who was ridiculous good at the game. This kid was one of "those kids", you know, the ones who show replays over and over when they score on you... Remember when I said video games don't ruin friendships? Well, that was an exception. Madden, FifaNBA 2K, or any other sports game takes my number ten spot.

Number 9: Bomberman 

Perhaps this was just me, but playing this game induced a lot of rage. Bomberman, specifically Super Bomberman, was one of those titles that gave you ample opportunities to screw over your opponent by trapping them in the corner. You also had those dreaded powerups where the bomb could explode across the entire screen. Bomberman could get seriously stressful, as you run around dodging your friends traps. Once you finally get trapped and you lose, your rage can go through the roof. 

Number 8: Rockband

Okay so hear me out on this one, because it actually makes a lot of sense. Everybody knows that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, correct? Well, that is never more evident than in Rockband. If you are absolutely jamming out and then you realized that your friend sucked it up hard, it can royally piss you off. However, this can go the other way as well. Throwing out a hypothetical here. Your friend is really good at guitar and so are you (Note: This is the only instrument you are good at, and your friend knows this). Your friend, since it's his house, takes the guitar, and puts you on drums, knowing that you are about as good on the drums as an ADHD child with Parkinson's. Rockband normally remains on the shelf from now on when the friends are over, to say the least...

Number 7: Portal 2

Ah, yet another co-op title makes this list. I love the Portal games. I got into the series about a year ago on my own. However, this was not my first experience with the games. I was over at a friend's house and he was playing through Portal 2 at the time. I, unlike a lot of people, had no objections to sitting and watching him play the game. However, him being the friend that he is, said "Hey, we should play co-op!". After refusing a few times because, frankly, I had no idea what to do, he insisted that I play the game. I normally am a very analytical thinker, but I had zero idea what I was doing, since I had never truly dabbled with the game's mechanics. It didn't help that he was a veteran in the early stages, would rush to the checkpoint, and yell at me when because I wasn't at the checkpoint yet. Let's just say that experience lasted a total of ten minutes before I exclaimed "I quit!".

Number 6: ANY Fighter

Perhaps this might be a bit broad, but you will catch my drift fast. Fighters are games that require quite a bit of practice to truly succeed at. With the different combos you could perform, the potential of becoming a very successful player at say, Street Fighter IIIrd Strike, is there. Now you have been practicing your skills for about a week or two. You feel confident that you can beat your friend at the game, since she has never actually played the game. So you select your characters and begin the fight. Here you are, attempting to land combo after combo, and your friend is just mashing away at the buttons. Miraculously, your friend wins. In fact, she kicks your ass! I The fact that a complete novice can come in and wipe the floor with a person who is actually trying at the game still baffles me...

Number 5: Smash Bros.

Technically speaking, Smash is a fighting game, but just work with me here for a second. The beautiful thing about Smash is the fact that you can pick up and play with ease, compared to many other fighters. That's not to say Smash doesn't require strategy, but I have never actually attempted to learn the strategies in Smash. So why is this game so frustrating to play? Perhaps your friend picks what I like to call a "Super Spam Character." An example would be Pikachu with his Thunderbolt attack. The whole spamming concept is frustrating to no end, but am I allowed to complain? No, since all I do is spam FALCON PUNCH! all day...

Number 4: Mario Kart

Perhaps you might be unaware of how annoying these games can truly get. Remember the whole random factor I brought up in the fighter section? Perhaps you are cruising to the finish line against your friend, and what happens? Blue shell out of nowhere? Now your friend, who was a good bit behind you, cruises past you to win the race by just a few feet. Not much more really needs to be said about this entry that hasn't already been stated...

Number 3: Contra/Battletoads

Two games, by their own right, that make you want to throw your controller. Since these two are both NES titles, I decided to clump them together. Both games, in single player, are games that you can master with enough hard work and practice. It's very possible to run through Contra with only three lives, and it's very possible to beat Battletoads by yourself. Now, let's throw in an impatient friend into the mix, shall we. First, Contra. You are just decimating all the bad guys in your way, going at your own pace up the mountain thing, and you die. Why did you die? Oh, perhaps it's because your asshole friend decided to jump ahead and force the screen to scroll up, leading to your demise. How about Battletoads? Oh, the fact that you can hit each other is really freaking annoying. Also, if your friend dies, you die as well, unlike in Contra. However, these games CAN be a blast if you manage to find a friend who shares the same brain channel as you...

Number 2: Goldeneye

One of the best four player games ever made, Goldeneye remains one of my favorite multiplayer games. With multiple maps, modes, and characters to pick from, Goldeneye has stood the test of time (at least by N64 standards). So, that's great and all, but why is it at number two on my list? You always have that ONE friend who thought he was going to be a sneaky little shit and pick Oddjob. Try hitting him, I dare you, it's freaking impossible. Thanks to this ONE character, Goldeneye manages to take my number two spot. Perhaps you saw number one coming from a mile away...

Number 1: Mario Party

Alright, I'm predictable. Anyone who has ever read any of my blogs pertaining to the N64 knows that I love the Mario Party series. It is truly the game that you love to hate. Gather up four friends with a short temper and watch the sparks fly as the game progresses. I could use numerous in-game examples of how you can piss your friends off, but let me just name a few from a personal story. I have been dominating the game, up three stars to the closest person, and on the last turn, I hit a chance time. Me and the fourth place player are the two that pop up, and we SWITCH stars. Other examples of ways to piss off your friends in this game include: Star Stealing, Luck Mini-games, Happening spaces, Bowser spaces, and forming alliances. Mario Party remains one of my favorite games to this day, as I just love to see both my friends and my own reactions to how the game turns out.

So thanks for reading! BLOG NEWS: I am having to become more sporadic with the number of blogs written, since I just started my Freshman year of college studying Computer Science. So expect a new blog in a few weeks, okay? 

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