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Posted on July 26, 2012 - 9:27am by KabalsUmbreon180

 When I first began playing Pokémon, I really didn’t care about the music themes in the games, but as I grew older, these tunes would fill me with nostalgia and help be either relaxed or get pumped up. With that here are my Top 10 Music theme from Pokémon gaming. Note: I’m not just using the Cannon series; there may be some music from spin-off games.

10. Nimbasa City Theme (B&W)

Even though some of the music in Pokémon games have not been that robust after Generation IV for my taste, that was not the case for Nimbasa City and this tune was a great fit for the setting. Nimbasa City is illustrated as the entertainment central for the Unova region filled with fashion as well as music and the game delivered with a tune of pure excitement that follows your character’s walking rhythm as you go to the Battle Station or to the Stadium. Whenever I pass Nimbasa, I usually stall for a couple of minutes just to listen to the music and let the song fill the room with fun.




9. Team Plasma Grunts (B&W)

No matter which generation people side on, most admit that the Plasma grunt music is awesome. This theme always is enjoyable to hear as a defeat each of a grunts’ Pokémon with a feeling that I’m in a battle to the death in a medieval arena, a fitting theme forTeam Plasma who is basically PETA clad in knights clothing .




8. Pokémon Pinball Blue Field

For those who don’t know, Pokémon has a spin-off pinball game in 1999 and that game was addicting as hell. You got a choice between a Red or Blue field (representing the versions out at the time) and I would usually choose the blue field since the music contained a smoother style and always made my head move with the melody. The background sound from the melody would allow me to picture a beach by the ocean with the bubbling sound as I try to get the Pokéball into either a Coyster or into Slowbro’s mouth and bash into a bunch of Shellder. The tranquil music also added to the impact when I would enter Catch’em all or Evolution made and brings me back to earth when I would complete either just in time to save the Pokéball from going in between the flippers.



7. National Park (HG/SS Version)

Whenever I entered National Park in my Silver version, I usually thought this song could be used for a slow-dance. The theme was always soothing and eased me into bliss when the song hit its upbeat. However, the eight-bit tune cased the beginning to feel depressing but at the same time made the upbeat appear way more uplifting. When I get my Soulsilver and went to national park, The piano riff in the first 20 seconds felt similar to waking up to the music of birds while the bridge always led me to memory land and picture my childhood in a slow montage. Even though the upbeat is not as impacting, the more cheerful music mixed with that same relaxed rhythm perfected the song.




6. Vermilion City (G/S/C)

The first time I beat the Elite Four in my Silver felt amazing. Furthermore, when I learned that I can go to the Kanto region, I was giddy since even the Anime at the time was in Johto and I just wanted to go back to Kanto to see the original eight (well seven) Gym Leaders. When you first get off the S.S Aqua in Kanto, the melody of Vermilion City just said “welcome back home” with the slower piano remix of the original theme. To me, I always hear the echo of every note similar to the echoes you make when alone in a large body of water while the slow rhythm allowed me to picture waves gently hitting the docks in a port city blended together.



5. Trainer Battle (R/B/Y)

If you haven’t been recognize it yet, one thing I always appreciate in music is an amazing opening that prepares you for what will happen and with the first trainer music created for Pokémon, those first ten seconds sucked players into each battle. What I found amusing with the music was that after that into rift, the melody weakens as the trainer and their Pokémon are being introduced but once the actual attacking begin, the music usually becomes more energizing almost as if it’s telling you when to start. Each passing second the tune’s momentum gets stronger with help from the instruments accompanying in the background until that peak when the piano’s pitch begins shrilling while surrounding rhythms increase their tempo.



4. Johto Elite Four (Pokémon Stadium 2)

The G/S/C version of the Elite Four music always seemed intense than the Johto Gym Leaders even though both were the same song because of the thought that you’re fighting the Elite Four. However, the music developers apparently wanted to make the two have different moods and what’s not better than to remix the original intense song with an orchestra of strings, trumpets and drums. What always gets me is how the music starts with low pitch drumming followed by Strings building up with each motion and ending coming to its peak with symbols blasting with the piano for a few seconds then abruptly going back to drums.                       



3. Champion Lance/Red Battle (G/S/C)

What is the Champion’s theme supposed to sound like, maybe an intimidating win all battle against a master? Even though technology for video game music had improved since the first two Pokémon generations, the Champion battles have never had that same impacting music since Lance. Those first ten seconds when the intro for song  plays alone tells you that you are in deep with the 8-bit tune creating an edgy atmosphere compared to Cynthia’s which gives me the impression that I’m about to enter a rave party with its weird techno sound. Lance’s theme never loses power for me even after battling him several times to EXP farm, that same theme still intimidates me and pumps me up since that first battle with him. Another thing that impressed me about the theme is how efficiently the music can shift from quiet into a sharp piano riff, which was fantastic. If there are people who believe that 8-bit music is superior to music today, this theme would be a perfect example.




2.. Hoenn Elite Four (R/S/E)

For being the peak for Pokémon (excluding remakes), Generation III had the best Elite four and battle music hands down with this candy for your ears. This theme gets points alone for making Steve/ Wallace’s champion theme feel as if you were facing a youngster. The quick tempo for the music pumps me up as the mix of Strings and Trumpets keep telling you that you’re in the big leagues. One area specifically that I find interesting is the piano rift because each note echoes, telling you that it’s only you and your Pokémon against four of the five most powerful trainers in Hoenn.

1. Lavender Town (R/B/Y) : 

When people think about creepy themes, Lavender Town always comes to mind.The reason why I loved this theme was that there was that eerie creepiness yet blended with a passive rhythm that everyone can follow like a pendulum. Even as a young kid who didn’t really care about music at the time, this theme always caught my attention with the smooth melody bringing that “Rest Peacefully” atmosphere with the ghostly beeping slowly together at the end. This theme always sounds like a lullaby to me since I always feel relaxed whenever I hear but in the back of my mind there was worry since the sound felt like a clock ticking as your life passes by. Another thing would like to give this theme praise for is that I feel the developers wanted to tell a story with Lavender’s Town theme similar to Vermilion City in G/S/C. I believe that this theme could be a lullaby for Pokémon to rest peacefully into their final slumber peacefully and giving the Trainer the scenario of helping Marowak, who people like Mr. Fuji cared about from birth to death, be eased into the afterlife. That is also why in my opinion the developers made the remix more cheerful; as a way to represent their gratitude for caring about them even to their passing. Lavender Town’s theme isn’t just a creepy tune to scare people but a story about caring Pokémon even as they pass away from our world. Bonus points for the theme being the center of stories talking about how kids committed suicide just by listening to add to the legend of “The Noble Purple Town.”



Looks like I got a bit carried away there with Lavender Town. But here is my list thanks for reading and if you skimmed it, at least you tried. 

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