My Top 10 Super Heroes that should be in Injustice: Gods Amoung Us

Posted on June 12, 2012 - 12:04pm by usedgamer

I love DC superheroes, so with a new game coming out and inspiration by fellow g1 AgentKane I give you my top ten superheroes that should be in Injustice: Gods Among Us. I might make a villain list and a list of the most unlikely to appear also. If I forgot to add any information to explain a character I apologize and feel free to ask me or any fellow g1 reading this who’s kind enough to reply. My main rule is assuming this is a justice league game and not a full DC game I limited it to people who could be considered Justice League or Society members. Also I mostly went for heroes that the general public may not know. I just feel that this game is a great way to introduce them.

10.“ Ted Kord” Blue Beetle 

There have been 3 Blue Beetles. The latest incarnation will probably be the most likely to actually appear in a fighting game. I can’t argue this as his armor can do all kinds of stuff. Ted Kord should not be ignored though. His acrobatic moves would work great in a fighter, he also has a few gadgets like his BB gun, and he has a giant beetle robot! It would be perfect to use as a finishing move!

9. Vixen 

I’m not an expert on vixen, but I do believe that He variety of powers cold be useful in a fighting game. She can basically channel the abilities of animals. I think it would be cool to have animals actually assist her, but I don’t think she did the in the comics. One example would be using an elephant stampede as a finishing move.

8. Aquaman & Mera 

If there’s going to be a game with the word Justice in it then 7 characters come to mind as a must. Aquaman is one of them. Also I’d like to note it’s not need to give him water based abilities or the silly hook hand. He has powers outside of the ocean. He has super strength. He can also jump very high, and he has some telepathic powers beyond commanding (not talking to) fish. I think most of his special moves would involve using his trident.

It can be used to be thrown, flip enemies, and rip off of a piece of the environment (i.e. a wall or concrete on the ground) and either have it slam your opponent or even throw the object. He would also have a wale fall from the sky for his finishing move. As for Water attacks we have Mera. Mera is Aquaman’s wife. Not only can she control water she can also make water weapons which is cooler than it sounds. Aquaman is for me is the best title of the new 52 so I think he deserves the attention. Part of what makes this book great is his relationship with Mera. So, why not have them both?

7. Mr. Terrific

This guy was inspired by the golden age hero of the same name. The one thing that would make his guy really interesting in a fighter is his T spheres. Their basically these robotic orbs that float around him. They can perform all sorts of tasks. For the game I can see them being used as a taser to stun your opponent, firing several lasers all at once, and having them explode. If this game is for the Wii U I think the ability to plant exploding T spheres around the environment could be pretty cool. I know it wouldn’t be fair, but it’d be fun to troll with.

6. Dr. Midnight

Another golden age based guy. He uses smoke bombs to blind his enemies, because he can see in the dark. This would be another one that would be fun for Wii U trolling. When he throws his bombs the whole screen becomes black, but If you have a GamePad you can still see what’s going on. The only problem is that I don’t know if he’d work on other systems…

5. Steel

It’d be nice to have steel in the game. He’s probably my favorite to come out of the Death of superman story line. It’d be fun to fling enemies across the screen with his giant hammer. I can see the developers giving him a finishing move were he hammers the loser into the ground, but I don’t think it’d fit him. Plus I think MK DC did that and it didn't work their either.

4. Green Lanterns

Green Lantern is an obvious choice. I don’t want it to be just Hal Jordan and end of story tough. There should be alternate skins for at least every earth Green Lantern. If there are some of the non-human ones like G’nort, even better. Also I think the Wii U should give you numerous constructs to choose from. If you don’t have a GamePad it’s just random.

3 . Fire & Ice

Mortal Kombat has several element themed characters, so why not pick DC’s best. I thought I’d give them the same spot because I feel that it works better to have both than one or the other.

2. Zatanna

My favorite female hero has got to be in this game. She’s magic so she can pretty much do anything (as long as she says it back words). Like green lantern, I think it’d be fun if she had a variety of spells with the same Wii U advantage. One attack would be dropping a race car that she made out of thin air (palindrome joke). If they bring friendships in this game she could turn the enemy into a rabbit. They should call it a Super Friendship!

1. Booster Gold

I don’t know if you can tell by the looks at my list, but to me there’s one thing that this game looks like it seems to have missing thus fare… and that is fun. They need to be a little crazy maybe even a little bit more silly. Booster has the right balance he can be funny when it needs to be funny and serious when needed also. At first I thought maybe Booster wouldn’t fit in a game made by the Mortal Kombat guys…

After thinking a while with his whole fame seeking theme he’s almost like DCs Johnny Cage. He also needs to have his faithful robot Skeets at his side. Maybe even have some witty dialog between the two as you fight. He could also end battles with all sorts of crazy promotions. For example he can have a super friendship were he tell you to buy a booster doll. I wonder if it’d be possible to have a move where he can reverse time also because he’s a time traveler. Think “Prince of Persia” and no, even though he time travels he doesn’t have short term time traveling and he can only go back in time using Rip Hunter’s Time Machine. Rip hunter is Booster’s Mentor and unknown to Booster his son. Long story…

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