My Top 10 Video Game Songs

Posted on October 2, 2011 - 2:53pm by Dennett


Without music, the world is silent.

Without music, games arent as fun. Here's a countdown of some of my favouirte songs.

 Music is very important when it comes to video games. From rising melodies to tension inducing scores. Here are my favourite 10:



Devil May Cry 3 - Taste the Blood - PS2

Not many of you were expecting this one were you? Now yes I know how hard this bloody game is and yes I know the music isnt to everyones taste but dear lord does the song make me want to tear up some demons with a chunky ass sword. Just me? No?  I'll calm down now...



Star Fox - Corneria - SNES

'Insert joke about Slippy or Barrel Rolls here'. Not only a great introductory level but what a kick ass beat. What other tune could a fox in an spaceship ask for to acompany him on taking down a floating head? One of the most commonly covered riffs in the business, this tune is definitely worthy of being in my top 10.



Super Castlevania 4 - Bloody Tears - SNES

It sounded good in Castlevania 2, sounded even better in 4. A track that will surely haunt you in your sleep, not for terror or eerie suspense, but because it is so god damn catchy. Anyone who had a SNES will know this song and it tehy will know that it made killing dracula so much better.



Assassins Creed 2 - Ezio's Family - PS3 / XBOX 360

The first game in the series had some beautiful scores, this one however cranked it up to 11. With the introduction of Ezio came new emotions for Desmond to live out, love for his family and hate for the Biorga. You dont just listen to this song, you feel it.



Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone - Sega Megadrive / Saturn

I must confess that this is on my MP3 player and I got a lot of strange looks when I was playing it on shuffle through some speakers at a BBQ earlier in the year. The melanchony of this track is pure nostalgic bliss and very few modern tracks can hold a candle to it. One of the all time classics and one that still gets played today.



Mega Man 2 - Dr Wilys Stage - NES

Come on, you knew this was coming up. Possibly one of the most recognised tunes from the 8 bit era and rightfully so. It makes you want to beat Dr. Wily and use all the robot masters powers to do it. Its melody and the pacing of it is something which can be rarely matched. For all its simplicity it is still a cracking piece of ear loving, even though everytime I hear it now I hear the Brentalfloss lyrics...



Halo - Main Theme - XBOX / XBOX 360

Now I'm going to confess that I am a Playstation man through and through. However when i first went round to my friends house when he got his big black box and I heard this coming out of the speakers, I was in awe and for possibly the first time doubted my loyalty to Sony. Every gamer, no matter old school or new school, knows this tune, a true testament to a great series.



Bioshock - The Ocean on his Shoulders - PS3 / XBOX 360

I may be a bit biased here, this is one of my favourite games of all time. This is one of the first pieces of music you hear in the game. As soon as your train crash lands in the middle of the sea and you swim towards some island only to be greeted with the statue of Andrew Ryan with those famous words 'No Gods, Only Man'. The combination of the beauty of the sea with the scary fallen utopia of rapture is a perfect blend.



Final Fantasy 6 - Terra's Theme - SNES

Some will say this entry is too high. Some will say this is the best piece of music Square Enix have ever produced. I will say that it is like a fabulous sauce poured onto an excellent bit of steak which is the game FF6. The way the pan pipes affect you is completely different to everything else in this list. Truely an excellent addition in the acolades of gaming music. Special mention to the orchestrated version as well, you should check it out.



Ducktales - The Moon theme - NES

Wow, this tune. Not only is it beautiful soaring and catchy at the same time but it gets in your head too. And stays there. For ages. And you love it. Words do not do it justice, and thats why it is my number 1.

Thanks for reading folks!

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